Fitness FunZone Court

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Fitness FunZone® Court is a one-of-a-kind pavement stencil design system that enhances positive social interaction using recess games in a cooperative learning environment.

  • A Peaceful Playgrounds® Collaboration
  • Includes Multiple Game & Activity Applications
  • Incorporates Fitness & Nutrition


Fitness FunZone Court Recess GamesThe Ultimate Fitness and Nutrition Recess Game System Created as a Collaborative Effort Between Sandy “Spin” Slade, Inc. and Peaceful Playgrounds, Inc.

The Fitness FunZone® Court is a uniquely designed physical activity court that can accommodate 1 to 50 individuals simultaneously. Its innovative design includes multiple exercise games and activity applications that can be applied as structured or non-structured play. A permanent solution to playground fun, The Fitness FunZone® Court encourages cooperative learning within each of the four core activities: Fitness, Jump Rope, Four Corner and Nutrition.

Schools and Community-based organizations will appreciate the ease of monitoring the activities that address the National Physical Education Standards and HEPA AfterSchool Guidelines that’s both effective and efficient.   Ten minutes is all you need to customize your fitness in a variety of ways that improve learning outcomes and allow for maximum to vigorous physical activity!

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Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • After School and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Schools PTA’s and PTO’s
  • YMCA’s, Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Park and Recreation Programs
  • Landscape Architects

Fitness FunZone® Court Includes:

  • 12, 3’ Fitness Durable Plastic Stencils
  • 12, 3’ Jump Rope Durable Plastic Stencils
  • Fitness FunZone® logo Stencil
  • MyPlate® Design Stencil
  • Four Corner Court
  • Nutrition Relay Activity
  • 24, Jump Ropes
  • 6, Multi-Colored Dice
  • 6, Multi-Colored Beanbags
  • 6, Repetition Dice
  • 60, 5” x 7” Nutritional Cards Aligned with the Food Groups
  • Site License
  • Activity Manual
  • Fold-Out Blueprint
  • Circuit Training Music CD
  • Instructional DVD
  • Paint Machine
  • 6 Cans Contractor Quality White Spray Paint
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • Fitness Skillastics® Activity Kit (for indoor recess use)


  • 1st – 5th Grade

1 review for Fitness FunZone Court

  1. Kim Wilson-Daum

    I like the fact that the activities are arranged in a circle so that everyone is able to see everyone else participating. The center of the circle allows the teacher to be the center of attention during the delivery of instructions. Circles within circles provides a good flow of activities, keeping everyone engaged. The set up gives defined areas in which to stay during activities, and the stations are clearly marked. Each activity is approximately 15 seconds in duration, which helps to keep the student’s interest. Looks like it would be good for a class of about 25-30.

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