About Skillastics

CEO & Founder, Sandy Spin Slade, has always had a passion for physical activity. As a professional basketball entertainer for 22 years, she shared her message about the benefits of physical activity worldwide. 

Although Sandy was an athlete all her life, she had an overwhelming desire to create activities for all abilities. She understood that not all children were athletic, but that all children deserved to have a positive experience being physically active. 

After over 20 years in business, Skillastics® has evolved from a single product (Basketball Skillastics®) into a full physical activity curriculum that fulfills a multitude of needs for After School and Physical Education Programs.

Physical Activity Made Simple.

We help you create an environment where ALL children have a positive experience being physically active.

Our Mission

After School & PE Instructors aren’t getting the tools they need to teach physical activity effectively. Skillastics Physical Activity Programs were created to easily maximize participation and create positive experiences for ALL students. Instructors deserve effective resources that make it easy to do their job enhancing the quality of life for our children.

Here at Skillastics, we are dedicated to making the physical activity portion of your program simple, easy, and fun. We would love to set up a meeting with you so we can learn about the challenges in your program so that we can provide you with customized solutions to make the physical activity portion of your program easy and simple. After our meeting, we’ll be ready to implement Skillastics in your program.

How do we do this? We wanna train you either through our pre-recorded training or by having us come there onsite and training your staff hands-on activities there so that we can answer your staff’s questions before they implement Skillastics into the program.

Once they’re ready to go, they’ll have easy step-by-step lesson plans to use as they work their way through our Skillastics kits. In addition to that, they’ll have Skillastics University to give them visuals of some of our lessons so they can see how the setup should be, how should they be operating these different lessons with the children then? Then they also have a full year of curriculum through our curriculum outline. So simple, easy lesson plans to lead them through the physical activity portion of their program all year long.

And just so you know that once you start using Skillastics, we’re your teammate for the long haul. We’re gonna be checking in on you to make sure that you’re doing okay, that everything’s running smoothly. We’re gonna see if you need additional training. We’re gonna see if you need anything from us, zoom calls, any kind of training, any kind of support.

Like I said, we’re in this with you for the long haul, so please set up a meeting with us and let us make the physical activity portion of your program simple, easy, and fun.

Core Values

after school basketball

Skillastics is with you for your own after-school journey. From your first call with us to
discuss your needs, to product selection assistance, through post-purchase support.


Jennifer Davis, Fairfax After School

Hi I’m Jennifer Davis I’m coordinator of Intervention and Supplemental Program for FairFax School District and today we just wrapped up a professional development with Skillastics with 16 of our staff members from the regular day and summer school. But the goal of today’s program professional development was for summer school, and one of the things we found that’s really exciting about Skillastics is that it’s very easy to implement. 

Our kids are physical, learning some academics at the same time it’s also easy to manage. Also, very engaging and some of us oversees the program to my staff to participate it was exciting to see them fully engage and by the end of the professional development I couldn’t help but jump in and enjoy and join them in it as well. 

And so we’re excited to see what kind of response we’re gonna have from our kids this summer, I feel like it’s gonna be positive and I feel like this is great direction for our program to take as far as physical fitness and while implementing academics. So we’re looking forward to using it, it’s gonna be a great year for us using Skillastics.

Jennifer Davis

Fairfax School Districts

“The Digital Specialty Programs are loved by staff and students… we’re also starting to implement Skillastics® Activity Kits, with hopes of adding all across California … Skillastics® provides quality training and have been valuable thought partners on how we support our students.”

Mike Ginicola

Very engaging for my students. Easy to set up and works great for us as teachers. Great for student teachers. Works really well for substitutes as well, something you can use in the classroom. It’s such a versatile tool. So I wanted to share in my situation how we made it happen here and again there are a lot of different versions of it Basketball, Character Education, Volleyball, uh so you name it. Here’s how we do it here in my area. Today we are doing Fitness Skillastics. Six different stations, groups and every time they make it around the board they take a beanbag as a token and bring it back to their spot. I have them board piece for the game, each one tells them what exercise to do, but also when they come back to their group they have a smaller, satellite version which lets them not have to go back and forth as much. Then once one of them comes back and tells the group what they’re doing, a new person goes and rolls the die and then they move their piece along, so they take turns. *Music playing, kids talking in background.

Mike Ginicola

Physical Education Teacher
Nichols Elementary School, Stratford, CT

“Very engaging for my students. Easy to set up and works great for us as teachers. Great for student teachers. Works really well for substitutes as well.”

“Our department was looking for a highly engaging, but easy to implement program for our health & wellness component. After experiencing a hands-on demonstration of Skillastics by Sandy, we looked into getting this program for all of our sites. Our staff had a blast participating in the on-site training with Sandy. The program is easy to implement, and our students enjoy the variety of high energy activities. Students look forward to their Skillastics rotation”

– Michael Baker
District Coordinator of Expanded Learning Programs
Santa Ana Unified School District