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Yoga Bodies, Yoga Minds Specialty Program


Introducing an amazing program that empowers children to explore various yoga postures, poses, and participate in guided interactive yoga stories and meditations. Students will have fun, laugh, and play all while moving their bodies and building their mindfulness practice.

This SELF-RUN program includes 30 days of content, with 30-40 minutes of activity every day.

Targets 3rd -6th Grades


With a combined 700 hours of teacher training, your yoga experts Jessica Johnson and Hollie Helman will lead your students through an amazing journey that will help them see the incredible benefits of yoga and meditation.

Easy to implement, this program includes a daily yoga practice and meditation. In between these two practices, students will experience the power of building self-confidence and self-esteem, while connecting with their breath and movement. This program is accessible for all students at all levels.

The perfect program to introduce Yoga to your students!

  • Includes almost 1,000 minutes of instructional content. (30-40 minutes a day for 30 days)
  • Option of starting, stopping or repeating the lessons
  • As the instructor, you will be able to share your screen for the entire lesson lead by an nationally known expert on or off site.
  • Unlimited Use. Use year after year.

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