Skillastics® UPGRADED After School Package (PSPFFAS4)


  • Character Education Development Resource
  • Perfect for Summer Programming or as a part of a school year resource rotation
  • Aligned with  National PE & HEPA 2.0 NAA Standards


The Skillastics® UPGRADED After School Package contains EVERYTHING from the Skillastics® After School Package AND Upgraded Basketballs (Skillastics® MAX Basketballs (3 year warranty) and Upgraded Volleyballs (softer and lighter construction affords comfortable contact) and Soccer Balls, Tennis Racquets and Tennis Balls). It is all you need to transform the physical activity and or recreation component of your After School Program.  This package is a powerful resource curriculum designed around 10 Skillastics® Activity Kits and highlights Character Development and additional activities that require minimal or no equipment. This package is packed full of over 100 lessons containing over 400 activities that span over 5 ½ weeks.  You begin each day with one of the Character is Cool Skillastics® cooperative activities. Each activity in Character is Cool Skillastics® was created as a teamwork or leadership activity that is associated with a character trait.  You begin each day highlighting character traits like responsibility, teamwork, compassion, respect, sportsmanship and honesty.  The step-by-step lesson plan manual makes it easy for line staff to follow.  The guide makes it easy for staff to apply the Character is Cool Skillastics® Activity Kit to SEL behaviors and how to apply those behaviors to everyday life. Each day consists of several miniature lessons that equal 50 minutes of quality, moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) in the following format:
  • Title of Activity
  • How long the activity will take to execute
  • The grade level the activity is appropriate for
  • The overview of the activity
  • Equipment needed
  • Set up with illustrations
  • How to teach and play the activity
  • Challenges you may encounter
  • Quick Reference cues

Watch it in Action!

The Skillastics Upgraded Package comes with everything from the actual package as well as some upgraded equipment as well. Now if you don’t know what comes with the Skillastics after school package please go back to that page in the catalog use the QR code and you’ll find out everything that you get with that after school package.

Now with this upgraded package, like I said you do get some upgraded equipment as well. So what is the upgraded equipment, well first our soccer balls, our tennis racquets, and our tennis balls are all the normal equipment that you get in our ultimate package so that equipment stays the same now remember those tennis balls are already slightly modified consider that foam consistency they move a little bit slower to give these kids a positive experience as they are learning tennis.

Now moving to that upgraded category, you get upgraded basketballs the materials used for these basketballs are above what the standard is okay, so we have those premier basketballs they’re gonna last longer, durable, feel better when you dribble with them and those are your upgraded basketballs.

Then in addition to that, you are also gonna get an upgraded volleyball, now these volleyballs are still the official size but they are actually lighter in weight because what is the number one complaint when kids learn volleyball? My wrists hurts. Right. Because that volleyball stings their wrists, and it hurts when they hit with it. So, we used these modified volleyballs so that that stings isn’t there. So these kids have their positive experience learning these volleyball skills and if they love it then they can progress on and they can use an official volleyball.

So it is absolutely worth it if it is in your budget to get the upgraded equipment to continue to get these kids a positive experience being physically active, we know you’re gonna have so much fun using all the Skillastics kits, all the lesson plans, all these equipment. Let’s have some fun and get these kids moving.

I’m gonna share with you how the celebrated skillastics technique works. You lay this oversized mat in the middle of a plain area. You take the same color dice and beanbag markers and lay them on the same color start button on the oversized mat. You take a group of kids and divide them into six teams, assigning each team of color, and then you put the teams away from this big mat. Each team gets a miniature mat in their team area as a reference.

When the kids are in their team area, you have them number off so they know how to take turns. The way it starts is you just say, go or turn on music, and the first child from each team comes running to their color. So six kids come running to their color, they roll their dice, whatever they roll, they land on an activity they look at, look at the activity, run back to their group, point it out on the miniature mat, and everybody in that group has to do that activity together.

How many repetitions do they do? Well on each activity, there’s three different colored numbers on the bottom. They represent beginning, intermediate, or advanced repetitions. So before you even start as the instructor, you would say, today group, you’re gonna do the blue amount. So the kids know that whenever they land on an activity, they’re gonna do the blue amount of repetitions. So you’ve got six teams moving independently, but everybody moving, everybody active at one time. Now the worst thing you can do is just lay this out and say play, because the kids are not familiar with the activities yet.

So each of our skillastics activity kits include task cards, and in our instructional manuals, we have so many lead up games and activities that will familiarize the kids with the activities prior to play. Now each of our skillastics activity kits come in these convenient carriage bags. Very easy to store, very easy to transport. This is the foundation of the Skillastics program and all the variations that are a part of it.

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The Skillastics® After School Package Includes:

Great for:

  • After School Programs
  • Out-of-School-Time (OST) Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • 21st Century Learning Programs (21st CCLC)
  • ASES After School Programs
  • YMCA’s (Y’s)
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Park and Recreation


Grades 2nd thru 8th and PreK thru 1st


After School, Expanded Learning, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Character Education, 21st CCLC, ASES

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Grade Level

3-5, 6-8


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