STEM Skillastics® is an innovative blend of physical activity and cognitive learning that highlights Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

  • Enhances interest in STEM
  • Compliments the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Integrates Academic Components in a Fun Way
  • Aligns with the National PE Standards
  • PE Curriculum Guide for Unit Included
  • Optional: STEM Skillastics® Custom Card Download (includes: Engineering STEM Template, Math STEM Template, Science STEM Template, Technology STEM Template) $49.95


Combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Content Questioning with Physical Activity

Research reveals that 85% of students are kinesthetic learners, and that retention of new ideas are enhanced when children are moving. STEM Skillastics® was created as a collaborative learning activity that integrates physical activity and STEM questioning. Student’s all learn differently, so providing collaborative learning activities in a positive environment help increase learning outcomes. STEM Skillastics® is a student’s fitness program that supports a variety of learning needs to the benefit of all. STEM Skillastics® incorporates the innovative Skillastics® technique with STEM questioning that compliments the Next Generation Science Standards, and is aligned with the National PE Standards and HEPA After School Guidelines.

Watch it in Action!

Increase student physical activity and knowledge with STEM Skillastics. This activity can combine movement and STEM questioning to create an accelerating balance of learning. The task cards included allow for simplicity and fun in learning 26 activities prior to play which is a perfect lead up to this exciting resource design to create an atmosphere integrated learning activity fun. STEM Skillastics includes 720 STEM cards unite all content area by increasing skills in educational standards include language arts, physical literacy, math and science. A powerful resource for large groups like grades 3-6, STEM Skillastics is the perfect fit for any physical education class or any afterschool program.

I’m gonna share with you how the celebrated skillastics technique works. You lay this oversized mat in the middle of a plain area. You take the same color dice and beanbag markers and lay them on the same color start button on the oversized mat. You take a group of kids and divide them into six teams, assigning each team of color, and then you put the teams away from this big mat. Each team gets a miniature mat in their team area as a reference.

When the kids are in their team area, you have them number off so they know how to take turns. The way it starts is you just say, go or turn on music, and the first child from each team comes running to their color. So six kids come running to their color, they roll their dice, whatever they roll, they land on an activity they look at, look at the activity, run back to their group, point it out on the miniature mat, and everybody in that group has to do that activity together.

How many repetitions do they do? Well on each activity, there’s three different colored numbers on the bottom. They represent beginning, intermediate, or advanced repetitions. So before you even start as the instructor, you would say, today group, you’re gonna do the blue amount. So the kids know that whenever they land on an activity, they’re gonna do the blue amount of repetitions. So you’ve got six teams moving independently, but everybody moving, everybody active at one time. Now the worst thing you can do is just lay this out and say play, because the kids are not familiar with the activities yet.

So each of our skillastics activity kits include task cards, and in our instructional manuals, we have so many lead up games and activities that will familiarize the kids with the activities prior to play. Now each of our skillastics activity kits come in these convenient carriage bags. Very easy to store, very easy to transport. This is the foundation of the Skillastics program and all the variations that are a part of it.

Want to customize your STEM questions?

Purchase our STEM question card template to integrate an endless mixture of your own questions!

You can view STEM Question Card Template purchase option AFTER you purchase STEM Skillastics®.

How You Integrate STEM Knowledge with Physical Activity

After teams complete the activity together, the child that rolled the dice looks at the color border around the activity just completed on the team’s miniature mat. This child matches the color of the border to one of the STEM Card Categories, picks a card from that category, and reads it to his/her teammates. (i.e. A blue border indicates a science question.  Blue = Science, Red = Technology, Green = Engineering, and Purple = Math) The team answers the true or false, or multiple choice question. When completed, the process is repeated with another member of the team.

Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • After School and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • STEM Classes
  • STEM Camps

STEM Skillastics® Includes:

  • 720 STEM Question Cards (120 questions separated into 30 questions for each Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Category)
  • Full Curriculum containing National PE Standards Alignment, Assessments, Rubrics, & Lesson Plans (Download)
  • Instructional DVD that Includes Children Demonstrating Each of the 26 Physical Activities (Download)
  • Colorful, Detailed Instructional Manual (Download)
  • 26, 5” x 7” Laminated Task Cards (used for practice and familiarization prior to play)
  • 6, Durable Miniature Mats (20” x 27”)
  • 6, Multi-Colored Foam Dice
  • 6, Multi-Colored Beanbag Markers
  • Convenient Storage Backpack


  • 3rd thru 6th Grade (However, it works perfectly for Middle and High School remediation students as well)

Sound Bites of 3rd Graders After Playing STEM Skillastics®: 

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3-5, 6-8

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