Speed Stacks® Skillastics®


Skillastics® and Speed Stacks® have joined forces to offer a unique combination of physical activity and Sport Stacking.

  • Enhances MVPA
  • Aligned with the National PE Standards
  • PE Curriculum Guide for Unit Included
  • Develops Both Right & Left Sides of the Brain
  • Increases Sport Stacking Agility & Skills



The #1 Large Group Resource that Complements your Sport Stacking Program

Speed Stacks® Skillastics® offers you the best of both worlds by teaching Sport Stacking through the proven Skillastics® method that has helped thousands of Physical Education Teachers and After School Programmers nationwide effectively organize and teach fitness and sport-based skills.

Speed Stacks® Skillastics® offers a unique assortment of physical activities that enhances moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) while simultaneously increasing Sport Stacking agility and skills.

Add the Skillastics® Elementary Nutritional Cards for a perfect balance of physical activity, Sport Stacking and nutritional knowledge.

Watch it in Action!

Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • After School and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • Family Fitness Events
  • Indoor Recess

Speed Stacks® Skillastics® includes:

  • One, 5’ x 7’ Vinyl Game Mat
  • Six, 20” x 27” Vinyl Miniature Game Mats
  • Six, Multi-Colored Die
  • Six, Multi-Colored Beanbag Markers
  • 26, 5” x 7” Laminated Task Cards
  • Full Curriculum containing National PE Standards Alignment, Assessments, Rubrics, & Lesson Plans (Download)
  • Instructional DVD (Download)
  • Detailed Instructional Manual (Download)
  • Convenient Back Pack Storage Case

*Speed Stacks® Cups not included.  Visit HERE to purchase Speed Stacks® Skillastics® Ultimate Package that includes Speed Stacks® Cups and Jumbos.

Targets:  3rd – 8th Grade



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