Fitness Skillastics® Starter Pack (PSPFFAS5)


  • Designed around Fitness Skillastics®
  • Each Lesson is SEL Aligned
  • Includes Family Engagement Tips & Ideas
  • Aligns with the National PE & HEPA 2.0 NAA Standards


Watch it in Action

The Fitness Skillastics Starter Pack has everything your program needs for some fitness fun. 

What do you get when you order Fitness Starter Pack? You get fitness Skillastics, nutrition cards, you get custom card download so you can customize those nutrition cards you got 108 activity scarves poly spots and a Fitness Skillastics Lesson pal Manual to help give you tons of lessons to use with your fitness Skillastics kit. 

Now, in addition to this, all of your staff is gonna have access to their own individualized dashboards and when they logged in to their dashboards they’re gonna have their fitness Skillastics instructional lesson plan manual, they’re gonna have additional lesson in there and in additional to that they’re gonna have access Skillastics University. 

Now Skillastics University gives you video samples of some of our lesson plans, so you read about the lesson and if you have additional questions maybe how its suppose to setup or look like, you can run into this Skillastics University portion on your dashboard and take a quick look on the video so you can see a visual of that lesson. 

In addition to all of these, you can also get a family engagement game called fitivities so like I said everything that you need for some fitness fun is in this Skillastics Fitness Starter Pack. Have a blast and let these kids moving.

I’m gonna share with you how the celebrated skillastics technique works. You lay this oversized mat in the middle of a plain area. You take the same color dice and beanbag markers and lay them on the same color start button on the oversized mat. You take a group of kids and divide them into six teams, assigning each team of color, and then you put the teams away from this big mat. Each team gets a miniature mat in their team area as a reference.

When the kids are in their team area, you have them number off so they know how to take turns. The way it starts is you just say, go or turn on music, and the first child from each team comes running to their color. So six kids come running to their color, they roll their dice, whatever they roll, they land on an activity they look at, look at the activity, run back to their group, point it out on the miniature mat, and everybody in that group has to do that activity together.

How many repetitions do they do? Well on each activity, there’s three different colored numbers on the bottom. They represent beginning, intermediate, or advanced repetitions. So before you even start as the instructor, you would say, today group, you’re gonna do the blue amount. So the kids know that whenever they land on an activity, they’re gonna do the blue amount of repetitions. So you’ve got six teams moving independently, but everybody moving, everybody active at one time. Now the worst thing you can do is just lay this out and say play, because the kids are not familiar with the activities yet.

So each of our skillastics activity kits include task cards, and in our instructional manuals, we have so many lead up games and activities that will familiarize the kids with the activities prior to play. Now each of our skillastics activity kits come in these convenient carriage bags. Very easy to store, very easy to transport. This is the foundation of the Skillastics program and all the variations that are a part of it.

The Fitness Skillastics® Starter Pack is the perfect way to kick off your Skillastics® Physical Activity Program!  This package is a powerful resource designed around our most popular Skillastics® Activity Kit – Fitness Skillastics®.

This package follows the Five Easy E’s of successful Skillastics® implementation: Establish, Educate, Execute, Expand and Evaluate.  This package includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED to conduct a quality physical activity program.  Packed full of over 70 lessons containing more than 100 SEL Aligned activities, the Fitness Skillastics® Starter Pack is an evidence-based, easy to implement program guaranteed to increase Moderate to Physical Activity (MVPA) and FUN!

Each day consists of several lessons that equal 50 minutes of physical activity presented in the following format.

  1. Title of the activity.
  2. The day of the activity and how long the activity will take to execute.
  3. The grade level the activity is appropriate for.
  4. The overview of the activity.
  5. The equipment needed for the activity.
  6. The set up with detailed illustrations.
  7. How to teach and play the activity.
  8. SEL Alignment.
  9. Challenges that you may encounter and ideas on how to solve those challenges.

In addition, we’ve incorporated a Family Engagement section.  The ideas and activities included provide a wonderful opportunity to share with your community all the amazing physical activities you offer your students every day.  This section includes a step-by-step guide on how to host a Family Fitness Event, Fitivities® the family fitness resource, family fitness calendar and much more!

Click to Enlarge the Lesson:

 After School Fitness Skillastics® Lesson Plan Guide 1 After School Fitness Skillastics® Lesson Plan Guide 2 After School Fitness Skillastics® Lesson Plan Guide 3 After School Fitness Skillastics® Lesson Plan Guide 4

The Skillastics® After School Pack Includes:

  • Fitness Skillastics® Activity Kit
    • 5’ x 7’ Oversize Mat
    • 6, 20” x 27” Miniature Mats
    • 6, Multi-Colored Die
    • 6, Multi-Colored Beanbag Markers
    • 26, 5” x 7” Activity Task Cards
    • Video Instructions of the 26 Activities (Download)
    • Instructional Manual (Download)
    • Convenient Backpack Carrying Case
    • Full Curriculum including Video Examples, Assessments, Rubrics, Alignment with National PE Standards, & Lesson Plans (Download)
  • Halfpint Skillastics
  • Fitness Skillastics® Step-by-Step Lesson Plan Guide
  • Virtual Physical Activity Program (Online)
  • Skillastics® Elementary Nutritional Cards
  • Skillastics® Elementary Nutritional Card Custom Card Download
  • 108 Activity Scarves School Pack
  • Fitivities® (Family Engagement)
  • 1 Set, Multi-Colored Poly Spot Markers
  • Number / Letter Cards

Great for:

  • After School Programs
  • Out-of-School-Time (OST) Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • 21st Century Learning Programs (21st CCLC)
  • ASES After School Programs
  • YMCA’s (Y’s)
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Park and Recreation Programs


Grades 2nd through 8th

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3-5, 6-8


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