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Fitness Skillastics®

(16 customer reviews)


Fitness Skillastics® positively promotes physical literacy by encouraging maximum participation in kids fitness programs for children of all abilities in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere.

  • One of Our Most Popular Products!
  • Aligned with the National PE Standards
  • Full Curriculum Included
  • Enhances interest in Physical Activity
  • Reinforces Motor Skills


Fitness Skillastics® Kids fitness programs

An Essential Elementary School Fitness Resource That Builds Physical, Mental, and Social Skills

The research speaks for itself, active children improve learning outcomes. Fitness Skillastics® is a powerful resource that helps children learn new ways to improve fitness skills, work with others and understand what physically fit and active for a lifetime really means. All 26 physical activities are approved by leading childhood fitness experts and are aligned with the National Physical Education Standards and AfterSchool HEPA Guidelines. The detailed, online instructional manual includes muscle group recognition activities to enhance the fitness experience. Add the Skillastics® Elementary Nutritional Cards for a perfect balance of physical activity and nutritional knowledge.

Watch it in Action!

Fitness Skillastics helps children improve their fitness levels through fun, yet basic conditioning and calisthenics activities. Children participate in locomotor exercises like quick jumps, skipper and imaginary Jump Rope, as well as non locomotor movements such as Twister, butterfly and Ball Twist Exchange.

I’m gonna share with you how the celebrated skillastics technique works. You lay this oversized mat in the middle of a plain area. You take the same color dice and beanbag markers and lay them on the same color start button on the oversized mat. You take a group of kids and divide them into six teams, assigning each team of color, and then you put the teams away from this big mat. Each team gets a miniature mat in their team area as a reference.

When the kids are in their team area, you have them number off so they know how to take turns. The way it starts is you just say, go or turn on music, and the first child from each team comes running to their color. So six kids come running to their color, they roll their dice, whatever they roll, they land on an activity they look at, look at the activity, run back to their group, point it out on the miniature mat, and everybody in that group has to do that activity together.

How many repetitions do they do? Well on each activity, there’s three different colored numbers on the bottom. They represent beginning, intermediate, or advanced repetitions. So before you even start as the instructor, you would say, today group, you’re gonna do the blue amount. So the kids know that whenever they land on an activity, they’re gonna do the blue amount of repetitions. So you’ve got six teams moving independently, but everybody moving, everybody active at one time. Now the worst thing you can do is just lay this out and say play, because the kids are not familiar with the activities yet.

So each of our skillastics activity kits include task cards, and in our instructional manuals, we have so many lead up games and activities that will familiarize the kids with the activities prior to play. Now each of our skillastics activity kits come in these convenient carriage bags. Very easy to store, very easy to transport. This is the foundation of the Skillastics program and all the variations that are a part of it.

Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • AfterSchool and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • Family Fitness Events
  • Health and Fitness Fairs
  • Indoor Recess

Fitness Skillastics® Includes:

Fitness Skillastics® Kids fitness programs

  • One (1), 5’ x 7’ Durable Activity Mat
  • Six (6), 20” x 27” Durable Miniature Mats
  • Twenty-Six (26), Laminated 5” x 7” Task Cards (for practice and familiarization)
  • Full Curriculum containing National PE Standards Alignment, Assessments, Rubrics, & Lesson Plans (Download)
  • Instructional DVD (Sandy “Spin” Slade demonstrates all 26 activities) (Download)
  • Six (6), Multi-Colored Foam Die
  • Six (6), Multi-Colored Beanbag Markers
  • Detailed Instructional Manual (Download)
  • 10 additional team-building activities included
  • Muscle group recognition activities included
  • Convenient Nylon Backpack Storage Bag


  • 1st – 5th Grade

16 reviews for Fitness Skillastics®

  1. Amy

    This is a favorite with the kids and teachers. The fitness skills are age appropriate and the students love them. SBCUSD Elementary PE teachers love this Skillastics activity set and no additional equipment is needed, which is a huge plus.

  2. Tammy – May 2017

    Our students at PRES love the Fitness Skillastics. They enjoy doing the activities as a group and that you use a big game board. We as PE teachers love that we can do it with a large group of students and everyone is active at the same time.

  3. Matt

    Directions are easy to follow. Exercises are great! Students enjoy Fitness Skillastics!

  4. Robb

    This product is a hit with all grades 1-6. Especially the younger kids. The fitness skills are appropriate for all my students, and is absolute must for teaching fitness to children. It gets the entire class moving at the same time for as long as needed. The fact that it is a board game is just icing on the cake.

  5. Wayne

    Total participation even with large groups. Works well in limited space. Great product.

  6. Joe

    This is a great activity that can be used as an instant activity or a lesson focus. Directions are easy to follow mixed with great visuals are a hit at my K-5 elementary school!

  7. Patricia Gispert Diaz

    The best fitness activity pack I have found in the market! My kids love ❤️ it! They work collaboratively, they’re active and have fun at the same time. It also works for large classes which is a plus because my schools serves about 1600 children. I would highly recommend it to any Physical Education teacher.

  8. Paul Hiegel

    This is a great fitness activity to add to your curriculum. Students like the exercise and usung the nutrition cards to learn about healthy eating.

  9. Diane Ames

    I like this activity because it is a board game that involves cooperation and exercise. After you demonstrate, it kind of runs itself. It allows the teacher to then walk around and offer feedback to the small groups. Each member feels special because each of them take turns rolling & picking cards then have to go back and teach the activity to the rest of the group. I think the sports games would be nice to change the focus of the activity from teacher-directed to student-lead.

  10. Cheryl Barry

    This is a great whole class activity as well as station activity when working on our fitness unit. Easy to set up and pack away. The nutrition card sets are an excellent addition to this board game.

  11. Karen Motsegood

    This is a great activity to incorporate team work and cooperation while working on fitness activities. I also like that it is student lead once the game is explained, which gives me time to move around the space reinforcing behaviors. The kids like the “game board” aspect and enjoy the activities included!

  12. Laurie

    We ordered the Fitness Skillastics for EIGHT after school programs in our county. We love the ease of preparation as well as the ability for students of all skill levels to participate. The students feel like they are playing a game, so they don’t always realize that they are completing fitness activities! We love that the activities can be used with or without the game boards, if space or time is limited. The nutrition cards are a wonderful way to add with the game or as an independent activity. We LOVE Skillastics!

  13. Quinn Sanders

    This is a great way to introduce students to fitness or to enhance what they already know. I used this game for kinder all the way up and they all did a wonderful job and thoroughly enjoyed it. We did all of the exercise together and then played the game, this game gets thumbs up all the way around.

  14. Malia Lee

    my students love Fitness Skillastics! After reviewing the exercises and rules, we turn on some music and they just go after it. They ask to play all the time!

  15. Darryl Duncan

    Easy set up and kids loved the concept of playing a board game that was interactive. Great for large class sizes or those days when you have a class and a half. I also use it for my before school fitness club to have a change of pace. Highly recommended and user friendly.

  16. Sheri Beeler

    The pre-service students love this product. It is all about physical activity through the style of a board game. Through cooperation and a little competition, the pre-service students forget it is developmentally appropriate for elementary students. The love this game!

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