Volleyball Skillastics® and 24, Multi-Colored Volleyball Ball Package


Save Money by Bundling Volleyball Skillastics®®, and Volleyballs

  • Develops Proficiency in a Variety of Volleyball Skills
  • Approved by USA Volleyball
  • Aligned with the National PE Standards


Buy together and save! Volleyball Skillastics® provides children the opportunity to experience volleyball games in a fun, non-threatening and structured environment. Aligned with the National Physical Education Standards and HEPA AfterSchool Guidelines, the USA Volleyball approved Volleyball Skillastics® improves hand/eye coordination, reaction time and cross-lateral dexterity. A perfect addition to your PE Curriculum, Camp, or AfterSchool Program, Tennis Skillastics® is touted as the perfect resource that effectively helps many children improve their volleyball skills. This Volleyball Skillastics® Package makes large group management a breeze, with everything you need to teach Tennis skills effectively.

Add the Skillastics® Elementary or Secondary Nutritional Cards for a perfect balance of sport skill development and nutritional knowledge.

Watch it in Action!

Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • After School Programs and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • Volleyball Camps

Volleyball Skillastics® and 24, Multi-Colored Volleyball Package Includes:

  • 24, regulation size volleyballs. Rubber-covered nylon wound and butyl bladder construction.
    • Six sets of 4 of each color – Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange
  • Volleyball Skillastics®
  • One (1), 5’ x 7’ Durable Activity Mat
  • Six (6), 20” x 27” Durable Miniature Mats
  • Twenty-Six (26), Laminated 5” x 7” Task Cards (for practice and familiarization)
  • Six (6), Multi-Colored Foam Die
  • Six (6), Multi-Colored Beanbag Markers
  • Full Curriculum containing National PE Standards Alignment, Assessments, Rubrics, & Lesson Plans (Download)
  • Detailed Instructional Manual (Download)
  • Convenient Nylon Backpack Storage Bag


  • 3rd – 12th Grade

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“USA Volleyball advocates a FUNdamental approach to teaching this unique lifetime game to kids… with an emphasis on FUN. Volleyball Skillastics® helps introduce young players to the basic skills of the game in a fun way, in small groups so everyone gets to touch the ball…often and in a game-like way.” 

Diana L. Cole, USA Volleyball

Director of Coaching Education


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