About Skillastics

CEO & Founder, Sandy Spin Slade, has always had a passion for physical activity. As a professional basketball entertainer for 22 years, she shared her message about the benefits of physical activity worldwide. 

Although Sandy was an athlete all her life, she had an overwhelming desire to create activities for all abilities. She understood that not all children were athletic, but that all children deserved to have a positive experience being physically active. 

After over 20 years in business, Skillastics® has evolved from a single product (Basketball Skillastics®) into a full physical activity curriculum that fulfills a multitude of needs for After School and Physical Education Programs.

Our Skillastics team members are here to help your program succeed.

Our laser focus determination to create resources that are simple for instructors to implement and fun for kids are the foundation of everything we do and everything that we are.

We thank you for taking the time to learn about Skillastics® and look forward to serving you and your program.

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Our Team

Jess Wadleigh kneeling on the ground next to a bicycle wearing safety gear.

Jess Wadleigh

National Skillastics® Specialist Manager
West & Upper Midwest

Jess Wadleigh has been working for Skillastics® for over a decade. Her passions of life-long fitness align perfectly with her position at Skillastics®.

On her personal time, she enjoys cycling, running, weightlifting, yoga, being in nature, meditating and spending time with her dog!

In keeping a well-balanced life of health, both physically and mentally, she feels very aligned in helping her customers find an easy physical activity program to influence children, in their programs, to achieve lifelong fitness.

jessica johnson

Jessica Johnson

Northeast Skillastics® Specialist

Jess has been working for Skillastics® for two years. Her passion for health, wellness, physical fitness, and being of service to others is what brought Jess to our family.

When Jess is not working, she enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, surfing, hiking, snowboarding, weightlifting, traveling, and getting lost in nature with her dogs.

Inviting her passions to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for others allows her to be aligned with her higher self and the ability to positively impact and influence others.

Sharing with children and adults the benefits of living and creating a well-balanced life of health both physically and mentally, makes for a natural alignment with her work here at Skillastics®.


MaLinda Ross

Southeast Skillastics® Specialist

MaLinda has been with Skillastics® over a year and is excited about helping schools and other organizations incorporate physical movement into their programs. Her passion for health and wellness, and desire to make a difference in the lives of others is what attracted MaLinda to the company.

When MaLinda is not working, she enjoys training her two lab mix dogs, yoga (practicing and teaching), reading, spending time at the beach, exploring the outdoors and having fun with family and friends!

As a certified yoga instructor Malinda understands the power of physical movement, mindfulness, and nutrition. Her combined background in healthcare and yoga have allowed her to see positive change in those experiencing physical and mental constraints. Through coaching and providing resources, MaLinda has been able to support and encourage positive change in the lives of others. Her ability to empower others to live a well-balanced life, both physically and mentally, make MaLinda a perfect fit a with Skillastics®.

Suzanne L Stone

Suzanne L Stone

Skillastics® National Physical Education Specialist
Suzanne has been a part of the Skillastics® team since 2014. With an unwavering commitment to the world of Physical Education, she has dedicated her entire life to teaching and coaching, driven by a passion kindled during her own middle and high school days as a competitive tennis player. Her remarkable 30-year teaching career exemplifies her genuine love for nurturing young minds and fostering their physical wellness potential. While attending conferences to improve her program, Suzanne discovered Basketball Skillastics®, presented by Sandy Slade. Inspired by Sandy’s vision, Suzanne embarked on a mission to introduce Skillastics® to her students, recognizing its unparalleled ability to instill teamwork and other essential skills. After using Skillastics® with great success in her program, she wanted to join the Skillastics® team to share the importance of Skillastics® with other teachers and continue her love for teaching. During her free time, she enjoys spending time outside walking with nature and loves going to college football games, traveling with friends and family and spending time on the beach. She is also fortunate to be able to spend time with her soon to be 96-year-old mother.
Suzanne Blair

Suzanne Blair


Sue has been working for Skillastics® for over 25 years. She was there when Skillastics® was created and has seen first-hand the tremendous growth the company has experienced.

Sue’s responsibilities at Skillastics® include accounting, processing orders, customer service, and any other office assignments that is asked of her.

Sue particularly prides herself on getting orders processed quickly so customers can start enjoying Skillastics® and all the benefits the program provides.

During her personal time, Sue enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, walking, spending time with friends, and is actively involved in her church.

sabrina barretto

Sabrina Barretto

Customer Service Team Manager

Sabrina has been working for Skillastics® for almost two years. Her passion for inspiring the younger generation to get excited about learning and being of service to others motivated her to become a part of the Skillastics® team.

During her personal time, she enjoys journaling, scrapbooking, traveling, being in nature with her dogs, and meditating.

Having worked across an array of professions and groups, her personal vision-mission mantra is “To be honest, empathetic, and organized within her industry.” She prides herself on providing the best customer service and making sure Skillastics® customers find flawless access in utilizing physical activity programs that leverage children to be the best version of themselves.

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