Mind & Body (TK-2) Specialty Program (VFF16)


Use on-site or remotely!

Introducing a unique program that helps kids learn and succeed through fun physical activities and social emotional well-being.

Can be used on most instructional platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or Canvas.

Targets: K-2  Grades


The World that Grooves program creator, Michelle Hillier, is a skilled and passionate movement and dance expert, who has been creating, facilitating, and inspiring people of ALL ages and abilities to move their OWN way for over 25 years.

Watch students come alive with music, creative movement, and self-expression, while building physical literacy and fitness…all designed to explore universal themes from our world (nature, feelings, food, animals, etc.).  The best part is that when you groove, “You Can’t Get It Wrong!”

This one-of-a-kind program provides students a transformative and unforgettable experience that provides lasting positive effects.

  • Includes almost 1,000 minutes of instructional content. (30-40 minutes a day for 30 days)
  • Option of starting, stopping or repeating the lessons.
  • As the instructor, you will be able to share your screen for the entire lesson lead by movement and dance expert, Michelle Hillier.

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Specialty Programming


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