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Introducing an amazing program that educates children on the importance of personal awareness, gratitude, meditation, and so much more. This easy to implement program includes content that allows students to practice three very important life skills: journaling, movement & meditation. A perfect recipe for shaping young minds.

This SELF-RUN program includes 30 days of content, with 30-40 minutes of activity every day.

Can be used on most instructional platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams.

Targets: 3rd – 8th Grades


“30 Days to a More Mindful Heart is a program created by Michelle Thornton who has been an educator in the field of Health, Fitness, Physical Education and Mindfulness for over 15 years. This program was created with the purpose to educate children on the importance of personal awareness, gratitude, the positive effects of nature, kindness, movement, meditation and so much more.  Being mindful is a daily practice.  It is something Michelle did not learn as a child and now her mission is to provide this type of education to all children.

This program is structured with 30 minutes of programming providing the students with an opportunity to practice three very important life skills in each video.

1. Journaling: The students will be responsible for having their own personal journal to write in. They will learn the importance of writing their thoughts down, finding an appreciation for the small things and becoming more mindful of who they are as human beings. 
2. Movement: The students will practice moving their bodies each day with a variety of mini workout combinations. No equipment needed. 
3. Meditation: The students might need a yoga mat or a towel for this one. They will be guided by Michelle into a restful period(7-10 minutes) with soothing music. They will be asked to lay down or put their heads comfortably on their desk, and or lay on the floor. This life skill is so vital for their mental health. 

The combination of these three life skills are the perfect recipe for shaping these beautiful young minds into the humans we all strive to be.  It allows them the space to be who they are, unapologetically. 

This program is very unique. You can tell Michelle created this program from her heart using a beautiful combination of her own education and life experiences which she shares. These children will walk away with a lesson all human beings need to learn; “How do we control our minds and our happiness?” The answer is it’s starts from within.

30 Days to a More Mindful Heart is that journey within.

  • Includes almost 1,000 minutes of instructional content. (30-40 minutes a day for 30 days)
  • Option of starting, stopping or repeating the lessons
  • As the instructor, you will be able to share your screen for the entire lesson lead by an internationally known expert on or off site.

Short Sample of Mindfulness Program

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Grade Level

3-5, 6-8

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Specialty Programming


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