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Provide your entire staff with the tools they need to succeed. Physical Activity made simple. Whether you are looking for a deep dive into program options around all our Skillastics® Activity Kits and or Digital Specialty Programs, or laser focused training on one particular theme, we are here to help.

Beyond our at your Fingertips online training tutorials, we also offer onsite training for your staff. So whether you’ve purchased the Skillastics Physical Activity Program, or whether you’re looking to implement it, and maybe you need staff buy-in, we’re here to help. 

We offer an hour and a half to three hours to six hours of onsite training for your staff during these high energy trainings. Your staff is gonna have a blast, and by the end of it, they’re gonna feel confident and have clarity on how to implement a simple physical activity program. 

So reach out to us today. Schedule your Skillastics onsite training so that the staff and children in your program can start having some simple physical activity. Fun.

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On-site training

Below are three training options that will guarantee to well-equip staff with the tools and techniques needed to provide a successful Skillastics® experience for all your students.

Introduction or Refresher
(1.5 – 2 Hours)

Perfect for an introduction to Skillastics®, for staff that needs to be re-energized on implementing Skillastics®, or a deep dive into one Skillastics® Activity Kit.

Half Day
(3 Hours)

Perfect for those who want a deep dive into Fitness Skillastics® and an overview of the full Skillastics® Physical Activity Program featuring the Skillastics® Activity Kit Package.

Full Day
(5 – 6 Hours)

A deep dive into the Skillastics® Activity Kit Program and Virtual Programming. Everything you need to know to implement your physical activity program.

Virtual Training

Below are two training options that will guarantee to well-equip staff with the tools needed to implement our Virtual Specialty Programming.

Introduction or Refresher
(1 Hour)

A perfect way to introduce or refresh your staff on how to use our specialty virtual programs. Staff will learn the proper way to implement the Specialty programs and sign up and use our Skillastics Resource Dashboard.

Introduction or Refresher (1.5-2 Hours)

Excellent training for ALL Skillastics® programing (virtual & on-site). Staff will learn the proper way to implement the Specialty Virtual programs and Skillastics® Activity Kits, including an understanding of the Curriculum Guides and Skillastics® University.


Jennifer Davis, Fairfax After School


Hi I’m Jennifer Davis I’m coordinator of Intervention and Supplemental Program for FairFax School District and today we just wrapped up a professional development with Skillastics with 16 of our staff members from the regular day and summer school. But the goal of today’s program professional development was for summer school, and one of the things we found that’s really exciting about Skillastics is that it’s very easy to implement. 

Our kids are physical, learning some academics at the same time it’s also easy to manage. Also, very engaging and some of us oversees the program to my staff to participate it was exciting to see them fully engage and by the end of the professional development I couldn’t help but jump in and enjoy and join them in it as well. 

And so we’re excited to see what kind of response we’re gonna have from our kids this summer, I feel like it’s gonna be positive and I feel like this is great direction for our program to take as far as physical fitness and while implementing academics. So we’re looking forward to using it, it’s gonna be a great year for us using Skillastics.

Luis Morales – LEARN LA


Good. So, Skillastics is a really fun curriculum, and really courageous leadership in our students and its also really inclusive. The trainings are really fun, uhm, Sandy and her staffs are very helpful, and they can make the whole process easy of our staffs as well.

“Our training with Skillastics® was so AWESOME! In our After School Program (CIA), we had two training sessions on that day, and I had the pleasure of attending both sessions. The sessions were so informative, and the hands-on activities were spectacular! Our staff started early and stayed late with no complaints because they enjoyed the training and all the various activities that come with Skillastics®. Most importantly, the energy of the presentation (in both sessions) was a perfect example of what was needed to fully utilize Skillastics®. Everyone left eager to begin, and everyone that attended has already added it to their schedule. Love it, love it, love it!!!”

Steven Henderson,

Assistant District Coordinator, Alief ISD, Houston, TX

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