Street Racket Digital Specialty Program Package (VFF27)


  • An exciting, award-winning movement & education concept from Switzerland.
  • The package includes equipment and a Digital Specialty Program that teaches Street Racket in an easy-to-follow learning progression.
  • Your students will love participating in the fastest growing educational activity game in the world!
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Watch it in Action!

In 2015, a Swiss family embarked on a remarkable journey to the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. With 13 suitcases brimming with donated materials and three children in tow, their mission was to support “Sport Aid Dominica” by introducing table tennis to the island, as per the government’s call to boost racket sports. But Dominica had a shortage of table tennis tables, so Marcel Straub, a former international squash player, sketched table outlines on the ground with chalk. What started as an improvised solution evolved into the birth of Street Racket – a simple yet effective way to enjoy racket sports anywhere.

Your students will love street racket – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

  • Includes almost 1,000 minutes of instructional content (30-40 minutes a day for 30 days). Unlimited access means using the instruction over and over again, year after year.
  • Project the program on the wall, screen, or whiteboard and let the students follow along.
  • Option of starting, stopping, or repeating the lessons.
  • Includes 24 Player Street Racket Set24 Street Rackets
    • 24 Street Racket Soft Balls
    • Convenient Carrying Case for All Equipment
    • 2 Boxes of Chalk


Grades 2nd thru 8th

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Grade Level

3-5, 6-8


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