Halfpint Skillastics® (GFF03)


Halfpint Skillastics® introduces a variety of physical activities for young children while encouraging creativity, imagination & academic integration in a non-threatening environment.

  • Develops Motor Skills & Movement Patterns
  • Aligns with the NAEYC & National PE Standards
  • PE Curriculum Guide for Unit Included
  • Increases Color, Shape, and Number Recognition


Creating Play with a Purpose for 3-5 Year Olds that Combines Locomotor Movement, Music and Academic Learning.

For young children, academic learning is playful and exploratory. It’s ideal to create an environment where children can contribute their own ideas and problem-solving strategies. Through these collaborative learning activities, children are able to participate in the exercise game confidently. Halfpint Skillastics® allows instructors to use play to build success while creatively integrating academic goals and objectives. Halfpint Skillastics® incorporates oversize shape and color die, and 36 age-appropriate physical activities that are approved by Early Childhood Experts and aligned with the NAEYC Standards.

Watch it in Action!

Halfpint Skillastics introduces younger children to a variety of movement skills while encouraging creativity and imagination in a non-competitive environment. Developmentally appropriate activities like foot circles, Frankenstein walk and galloping pony help reinforce basic movement skills as well as color, shape and number recognition.

Halfpint Skillastics, develops motor skills and movement patterns with your young children. Now what comes with skillastics, you get two oversized dice, one has colors, and one has shapes, you also get 36 highly durable cards. And on these cards, you have activities. And then on the other side, you have a color and a shape.

Now how do you play this, you’re going to take these cards and you’re going to spread them out all over your play area, so that the color in the shape is facing up, you’re then going to take one child, or maybe it’s two children, have them roll the dice, and they’re going to get a color and a shape. So all the children are moving around trying to find let’s say it’s a yellow star, where’s the yellow star, when they find the yellow star, everybody stops, the staff member goes over to that child and holds up the yellow star. This is a color and they a shape recognition.

Now they flip the card and on the backside there’s going to be an activity. That activity then below it has three shapes. And in those shapes are three numbers. So at this time, you would ask the child, where is the heart, right and they point to the heart that is a another shape recognition. Now you might say well, what is the number inside the hearts. And if they don’t know the number, there are dots so they can count the dots and they find out that maybe it’s I don’t know the number five. So what happens now is all the children are going to do five repetitions of whatever activity is on the card. When they’re done, you throw the card back on the ground, and the process continues again.

Now if you don’t want to do those repetitions, you also are going to have access to having a 32nd slow tempo and a 32nd fast tempo pace music for each one of the 36 activities. So if you don’t want to do those repetitions, you put on the slow music and let’s say you’re doing Frankenstein walk, and you may doing five slow Frankenstein walks, and then you switch over and you have the next third maybe you play the full 30 seconds of that fast paced song. And so they’re doing 30 Right of these fast walking Frankenstein’s all over your play area. Really fun to watch the kids have a blast.

Now we don’t leave you try to figure out what activities to teach the kids first, in the instructions for half pint we do to tell you out of all of the 36 activities, which ones you should teach them first that beginner level, and then the intermediate ones. And then lastly, the advanced level. So we teach them the activities first. And then we start having fun with all the colors, the shapes, the numbers, the movements, the music, everything is there for you to have fun with the kids. And in addition to all that we do provide you with extra lesson plans to help get these kids moving. So we hope you have a plan A blast getting your young kids moving with halfpint Skillastics.

How does it Work?

Thirty-six physical activity cards are scattered (color & shape side face up) throughout the playing area. The instructor determines what the “shape of the day” will be (heart, octagon (stop sign) or pentagon (house), and shares that shape with the children. The instructor then assigns one child to roll the shape and color die. If the child rolls a yellow/circle, the child looks for a yellow/circle card among the dispersed cards. Once the child finds the card, he/she displays it the other children and they find the “shape of the day” at the bottom of the card. The children counts the dots or recognizes the number in that shape and then everyone does that physical activity that amount of repetitions. Halfpint Skillastics® these developmentally appropriate activities can be utilized in so many ways!

Here are a few options:

  • Utilize one die to highlight shape or color learning
  • Display activity cards throughout the day for a quick activity break
  • Integrate the music included that corporates 30 second musical segments of each of the 36 activities. Thirty seconds at a slow tempo and 30 seconds at a fast tempo

Great For:

  • Kindergarten Physical Education Classes
  • Special Needs Population
  • Dual Immersion Classes
  • Pre-School Programs
  • Day Care Programs

Halfpint Skillastics® Includes:

  • Thirty-six (36), durable 5” x 7” Physical Activity Cards
  • One (1), 6” Color Recognition Die
  • One (1), 6” Shape Recognition Die
  • Full Curriculum containing National PE Standards Alignment, Assessments, Rubrics, & Lesson Plans (Download)
  • Music CD (72 tracks – 30 second musical segments for each activity at a slow and fast tempo) (Download)
  • Detailed Explanation of Rules
  • Detailed Illustration on How to Teach Each Activity
  • Convenient Nylon Backpack Storage Bag


  • 3-5 year olds

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