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Teaching Basketball Shooting Fundamentals


A Must for Anyone Teaching Grades 3-8 how to Properly Shoot a Basketball

This 30-minute video download is an excellent basketball shooting resource presented in a progressive format that helps build skills and understanding on proper form and execution.


Video Basketball Shooting Fundamentals Students demonstrate each shooting skill progression, while Sandy ‘Spin’ Slade interjects numerous insightful tips and ideas. Shooting Fundamentals is an excellent step-by-step guide for beginning coaches or parents trying to teach their young athletes the proper way to shoot the basketball.

This video is also offered as a part of our Ultimate Basketball and Everything you Ever Wanted Product Packages.

  • Demonstrated by Jr. High Students
  • Includes Lay-Up Instruction
  • Includes Shooting Games

Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • After School and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Camps
  • Volunteer Coaches


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