Digital Specialty Programming

On-Site or Virtual Learning Made Simple.

One-Time Purchase – Unlimited Access

What  Should You Expect?

A choice of digital physical activity self-run programs created by national experts in their field. Every program only requires a ONE-TIME purchase with UNLIMITED use.

Is physical activity with academic integration what you’re looking for? How about starting a martial arts club? Or is yoga and mindfulness your top choice? Maybe it’s EVERYTHING!!! Whatever you’re searching for, we have the perfect physical activity solution for you.

We’ve partnered with USA & Canada’s #1 experts in their field to provide your students with an amazing variety of physical activity experiences that your students would never be exposed to otherwise… AND at a fraction of the cost if you hired a specialist to appear on-site.

Programs can be implemented on Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. We can also accommodate the learning platform Canvas and similar platforms.

Skillastics has teamed up with specialists all over the nation to provide you with our digital specialty programs. These programs are 30 days in length with each day having a 30 to 40 minute lesson that is taught to your kids by a specialist. And the best part about it, you have unlimited use of these programs. All you have to do is project the program up on a wall or a screen, or if you’re virtual, you can share it through a streaming platform like Zoom and the specialist takes over for you.

These programs can be in place of you having to try to find someone and contract them to come in and speak with your kids. Or maybe you’re having staff limitations and your staff just needs a break for a second. All you gotta do, like I said, stream it up on the wall or screen, and the kids are fully consumed with these specialists in these programs.

Now, what are some of these programs looking like? Martial arts, this is one where your kids actually get their yellow belt in 30 days from the American Martial Arts Academy, and then you might wanna move ’em on to the Orange Belt programming, keep them going in the belt progression. We also have programs like mindfulness where the kids are journaling, moving, having a lesson, and then actually meditating with the specialist. We have programs like moving groove stem in sports SEL, and physical activity.

We have Yoga cup stacking. The list just goes on. So please be sure to check out our digital specialty programs and give your program the specialty flare that it deserves.


Are you worried about how you can continue providing quality physical activity opportunities for your students with ever-changing rules & regulations?

Fun and Easy-to-Use

Programs available for all ages

Lasting, Positive Impacts

We are here to help by providing you with a variety of SELF-RUN 30-day digital specialty content programming with UNLIMITED use. Whether you are looking for one program or multiple themes, we are dedicated in making this process as simple and easy as possible, so you have ONE LESS thing to worry about.

Sample Videos

Virtual Program Overview

Yoga Program Sample

Physical Activity Program Sample

PreK – 1st Grade Program Sample

Martial Arts Program Sample

Sport Stacking Introduction

Meet Your Instructors

Sandy “Spin” Slade

Physical Activity 

Instructor Lead
Physical Activity

Click N’ Play

Jason Wenneberg &
American Martial Arts Academy

Martial Arts I
Yellow Belt

Martial Arts II
Orange Belt

Megyn Taback

Secondary Yoga


Kailey Diedrick

Sport Stacking

Deanielle Ford &
Sports For Learning

STEM & Sports

Michele Silence

PreK-1st Grade Physical Activity



Michelle HillierMove N’ Groove (3-8)

A World That Grooves (K-2)

Michelle Thornton


Connor Nodell &
Sports For Learning

Mind& Body

Gold Meadows &
Sports For Learning

Mind& Body


Each digital specialty program is $500 per school or after school site. That’s less than $17/day per site for 30 days! Actually, the cost is much less, because you have unlimited access once you purchase the program. That’s right – you can use it over and over again!

Once purchased, we’ll email you a customized link from the digital specialty program(s) of your choice. Project the specialty program on a wall or smart board, and that’s it. You’ll then be ready to get your student moving. It’s that simple.


Hello there, my name is Gale Hadlee I’m a teacher in New Jersey at Demarest Elementary School in Wood Bridge, and I’m just so excited to be talking about this 30 day virtual martial arts program that will be piling on our elementary school. I’m so grateful for our administration to offer us this opportunity to bring this to our school district and for my students. And in just 2 days of teaching already I can see the excitement, I can see the anticipation of what’s happening next to the kids that are involve in this program and the ones that you know, already do martial arts outside the school. I can just see that this is the sport that everyone needed in this new year. And I’m just so blessed, grateful, and thankful that Skillastics is out there and you’re doing this for schools. This is just amazing and just thank you so much and I cant wait to show you what’s gonna happen with my children and how they’re gonna love this, so have a great day, thanks so much for the opportunity.

“The students at Bakersfield City School District are loving Skillastics Physical Activity Virtual Program. Our staff has stated that it is the kids favorite part of the day!”

– Deanna Clarke, Director of Extended Learning Programs at Bakersfield City School District, Bakersfield, CA

“We are currently using the Martial Arts Program & my teachers & students are loving it! We are very excited to start using the other virtual programs once we’ve completed Martial Arts. These virtual programs are exactly what we needed to get the kids moving and having fun!”

– Harvey Zuckerman, Dean of Guidance & Enrichment, Amani Public Charter School, NY

“Our Program loves the ease of using the Skillastics Virtual Programs! The kids are having so much fun!”

– Jami Archer, ACE Coordinator at R.Q. Sims Intermediate, Mexia, ISD

Experience how easy it can be to encourage

Maximum Participation

in a non-competitive, all-inclusive, super fun environment.