Physical ACTIVITY Through Distance Learning

Virtual Activity Program designed to keep your students active.

Fun and Easy-to-Use

Engages Up to 100 Kids

Lasting, Positive Impacts

School Closings?

Are you looking for a way to encourage your students to participate in physical activity outside of the classroom?

Are you missing entertaining virtual activities for your distance learning lesson plan?

Do you need interactive activities from juggling lessons to an interactive workout wheel that promotes a balance between engaging physical activity and screen time?

Are you looking for an engaging physical activity lesson plan to incorporate into your weekly instruction?

If so, our Skillastics® Virtual Physical Activity Program will help you have one less step in planning. Skillastics® is a simple, collective learning resource that increases MVPA and enhances learning outcomes. Our educational material will help you provide students with an interactive and engaging virtual learning environment while promoting physical activity.

What Should You Expect?

We strive to make learning fun by incorporating physical activity, and we guarantee your students will enjoy our materials.

Our virtual program is flexible; it can be included in a 30-day lesson plan or spread out over a longer time by incorporating it into your instruction 2 to 3 days a week.

The lessons will keep your students engaged through direct instructor engagement, interactive physical activities for students to participate in, engaging academic question and answer sessions, and exciting activities from juggling lessons to an interactive workout wheel.

The Skillastics® Virtual Physical Activity Program will help students continue to learn while remaining physically active through distance learning. Your students will benefit in many ways while outside of your classroom:

  • Aligns with the HEPA 2.0 Standards & SEL Core Competencies
  • Aligns with the National Physical Education Standards
  • Easy for Line Staff to implement
  • Includes simple, step-by-step lessons
  • Can be adjusted fit any size group in any size space
  • Academic Integration including STEM & Nutrition
  • NO Subscription.  One-Time Purchase & Unlimited Use

Our virtual physical activity program will help you provide your students with an interactive, classroom-like environment while you’re apart. Start using Skillastics® to optimize your distance learning lesson plans.

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Experience an easy-to-implement virtual physical activity program that leads to happier children and staff, even if its online.

The lessons include a nice mixture of direct instructor engagement, interactive physical activities for student to follow along, engaging academic question and answer time integrated with physical activities, scarf activities, juggling lessons, and virtual tools like an interactive workout wheel!

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“My ASES staff is so excited about the awesome Skillastics® training! Today they had about 75 kids having great fun and education time using Skillastics®. Thank you!!!”
Debbie Layton, Academic Program Coordinator, Sacramento, CA

Luis Morales

KidsPlay Coordinator – LEARN LA

"Skillastics is a really fun curriculum it really encourages leadership skills in our students. It's also very inclusive. The trainings are really fun! Sandy and her staff are really helpful and they make the whole process easy for our staff as well.

Award-winning recommended resource & partnership

Skillastics® is aligned with a number of national guidelines, including National Physical Education Standards, HEPA Standards, SEL Competencies, California Expanded Learning Quality Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards (STEM Skillastics®).

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