Early Childhood (TK-2) Specialty Program (VFF06)


Use on-site or remotely! Introducing an amazing early childhood fitness program that focuses on educating children about body systems like their lungs, bones, muscles, and more through music and fun exercises. This SELF-RUN program includes 30 days of content, with 30-40 minutes of activity every day. Can be used on most instructional platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. Targets: Ages 3-6


Michele Silence, the creator of KID-FIT P.E. Classes for Preschoolers has been working with young children since 1994. Her unique program has been taught worldwide to give early childhood educators the well-rounded program they need for students without spending endless hours trying to design their own.

This celebrated Early Childhood Physical Activity Program is not just a music and movement program but a balanced fitness class for children ages 3-6. Through fun exercises, children learn about body systems such as their lungs, bones, muscles, heart, brain and more. Original songs help children discover what important parts of their body are, whey they have them, how to take care of them and how to make healthy food choices. Children practice fundamental basics of sports skill in a non-competitive way and are introduced to mindfulness training. Above all, KID-FIT is about teaching children that exercise is fun!

The KID-FIT Program has been shown to increase gross motor development in just 12 weeks. Children tested improved health knowledge, increased quadriceps strength, and lowered both their resting heart rate and blood pressure. Now your children can reap all the benefits of the KID-FIT program through the 30-Day Skillastics® Physical Activity Model and have an absolute blast too!

You will:

  • Enjoy 6 full length classes as well as individual song activities. Use entire workouts or mix and match to create your own unique blends. The routines work best when used over and over, for children to practice and have fun developing the skills.
  • Customize lessons depending on the age group, time available and fitness components you want to focus on.
  • Use for exciting classroom instruction, streaming with students at home or both for hybrid classes.Never have to worry about coming up with age-appropriate movement “ideas” again!

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Experience how easy it can be to encourage maximum participation in a non-competitive, all-inclusive, super fun environment.