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Fitness FunZone Trail


The Fitness FunZone® Trail is an affordable and permanent solution that makes physical activity accessible to all.

  • A Peaceful Playgrounds® Collaboration
  • Includes 12 Fitness and 12 Jump Rope Stencils
  • Makes Physical Activity Easy and Convenient


The Perfect Playground or Park Solution that Increases Physical Activity Through Exposure, Simplicity and Convenience

Fitness FunZone Trail Afterschool ProgramsOne of the best strategies for getting children more active is to change the environment, making physical activities easy and convenient. The Fitness FunZone® Trail consists of 24 physical activity stations which can be configured to meet your needs. Simply scatter the stencil activities throughout a playground or park, making it easy and convenient for children AND adults to be active at any time!   It’s great for cooperative learning activities! The Fitness FunZone® Trail includes QR Codes for each activity, allowing the option to place these QR Codes on signs next to the activity, providing visual instruction for the whole school or community.

Great for:

Fitness FunZone Trail Afterschool Programs

  • Recess
  • After School and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • YMCA’s, Boys & Girls Clubs
  • School PTA’s and PTO’s
  • Park and Recreation Programs


Fitness FunZone® Trail Includes:

  • 12, 3’ Fitness Durable Plastic Stencils
  • 12, 3’ Jump Rope Durable Plastics Stencils
  • QR Codes to Scan with Smart Phone to see Demonstrations of Each Activity
  • Site License
  • Suggested Layouts
  • 6 Cans of Contractor Quality White Spray Paint


  • K thru Adult

Fitness FunZone Trail Afterschool Programs


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