If the past couple of years has taught us anything it’s how very critical flexibility in the educational setting is. Yes, we weathered the COVID storm together. Educators and school districts changed nearly overnight to remote learning, and Skillastics® was right there alongside you, offering virtual curriculums so the students in your After School programs stayed healthy and active. We learned as a country that traditional ways of working, and learning aren’t the only ways to live, educate, and work.

But now that the dust has settled, and on-site schools are back in session do you still need digital or virtual options? We’d shout from the rafters a resounding, “Yes!” but we’re not the only ones. Digital Specialty Programming options continue to be one of the biggest considerations our customers have when weighing options for After School physical activity programming.

Here are a few reasons why digital programming, which once was solely for remote learning, continues to be a great fit for your afterschool physical activity program.

Experience is the best teacher. Of course, no one wishes another pandemic is lurking right around the corner. But looking back, we all have those things we’d do differently, ways we’d work smarter instead of harder, and systems we’d use from the get-go that maybe took two, three, or four tries to get right.

Experience tells you it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. In our case, you can use our Digital Specialty Programs fully on-site, fully remote, or hybrid. Having the option available if you do need it in the future offers peace of mind, knowing you’ve already got a ready-to-use system available.

Added flexibility. Remote and hybrid options offer much-needed flexibility, but not just because it’s a change of scenery from school to home. Flexible options are needed for many different reasons. For one, flexibility is giving overworked and tired staff a break from having to teach or run a physical activity session during the day. Leave it to the experts in the numerous Digital Specialty Programs to do it for you!

Lessen the staff shortage burden. Across the nation, After School programs are struggling to provide quality programming because of staff limitations. Programs resort to just “throwing a ball out” to students to get them to at least move because they just don’t have the staff to engage the students in skill development fully. Digital Specialty Programs are taught by national experts who have many years working with children. With limited staff, just project the program on a whiteboard, wall, or screen, push play, and the expert does the rest. Simple, easy, and fun for the students.

Opportunity to participate in programs students never would be exposed to. Do you have a martial arts expert at your fingertips? How about Folklorico instructors, yoga, or mindfulness trainers? Digital Specialty programming exposes students to activities that they may never have a chance to experience. As one After School Director from west Texas exclaimed:

“We are in the middle of nowhere and thanks to Skillastics® Digital Programming, our students get to learn Martial Arts”!

When it comes to physical activity resources, the best programming is adaptable to your current challenges and allows you the freedom to teach how and when you need to.