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customized For You

Professional Development Training customized to fit your needs.  
Give your entire staff the tools they need to succeed.

Fun and Easy-to-Use

Engages Up to 100 Kids

Lasting, Positive Impacts


Are you looking for Professional Development Training (not activities) that can help your program in multiple ways throughout the year?

Do you need activities that work for groups of all sizes?

Do you need activities that incorporate sport skill development, social and emotional learning, character and team-building, academic and nutrition integration, brain breaks, or assessments? 

Do you need fitness ideas for your Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP)?

If so, then our Skillastics® Professional Development Training will give you and your staff everything you need. Skillastics® is an easy-to-use, cooperative learning resource that increases MVPA and enhances learning outcomes. Our training will provide your entire staff with the tools and techniques they need to confidently implement Skillastics® into your program or curriculum.

What Should You Expect?

One of our goals is to make life easier for you and your staff, which is why we customize our personal development training to fit your needs and interests.

First, we offer half-day (3 hours) or full-day (6 hours) training, and you choose the days and start and stop times.

Second, you select the professional development topics you’re most interested in (or a combination of all!), including Fitness and Nutrition, Sport Skill Development, SEL/Character Building, and integrating STEM with physical activity.

Finally, Skillastics® products will be used during the training and attendees will learn instructional best-practices and activities designed to develop:

  • Locomotor and non-locomotor skills
  • Cooperative and team-building skills
  • Sport-specific skill development
  • Student Assessment ideas
  • Academic Integration like STEM, Math, and Nutrition

Our professional development training will equip you and your staff with everything they need to easily start using Skillastics® to enhance learning and physical activity for all. 

“The Skillastic Team’s energetic techniques, compassion for teaching, and relentless efforts to help the staff gain the confidence and skills needed to independently conduct the activities created an enormous success!! The staff are most appreciative that the Skillastics® program can be done indoors or outside, in small spaces, with little preparation, and ultimately GETS STUDENTS MOVING and supports a friendly competition!!  All of this is a perfect methodology for building healthy learning environments for ALL!!”

“Skillastics® has been a very innovative program that I believe to be one of the most inclusive, interactive and fun ways to incorporate academic integration of Physical Activity, STEM and SEL Competencies.  One of the best ways to set the staff up for success was to bring the dynamic and talented team of Skillastics® here to Sacramento to train over 100 Expanded Learning and regular day staff. By including both regular day and Expanded Learning staff we were able to build an instant connection to help them better collaborate and ultimately better support student learning.”
Sacramento County Office of Education

Award-winning recommended resource & partnership

Skillastics is aligned with a number of national guidelines, including National Physical Education Standards, HEPA Standards, SEL Competencies, California Expanded Learning Quality Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards (STEM Skillastics).

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