Fitness Games for Homeschool Psychical Education

Fun & Easy-to-Use

Resources Available for All Ages

Lasting, Positive Impacts


Are you worried that your children are not as physically active as they should be?

Do you feel the PE component of your homeschool program could improve?

Are you tired of complex resources that are difficult to use?

Do you wish there were curriculums for physical activity that was easy to follow and affordable?

How we Help Make Physical Activity a Simple, Fun, & Positive Experience for All

With over 30 years of experience in PE & Physical Activity, we’ve created resources that easily equip children with the appropriate skills, social & emotional learning behaviors (SEL), and confidence to be physically active for a lifetime.

Regular physical activity is critical to children’s mental & physical health, and has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration and academic performance.


"We recently purchased Family Fitness Package, (Fitivities, Fitness Task Cards, and Scarves) at a Homeschool Conference.  I led all the kids in our co-op in a scarf “workout” this week, and they were all thrilled with the fun movements they could do with the scarves!  I also taught my own kids how to play Fitivities, and it was an even bigger hit!  You got my least athletic child to proclaim, “Mom, this is the most fun I’ve ever had doing P.E.!  Can we do this every day?” Yea!!!"

- Susan DuPre’, Homeschool Mom, DPT, MS Health & Sports Science – Alabama

"We used the Fitivities Fitness Task Cards for the first time today.  To become acquainted with the activities we decided to just do them in order a few at a time.  We did five activities.  We laughed a lot and we found that we had muscles that needed some definite work!  Thank you for sparking exercise back into our school routine.  It should have always been there."

- Esther Doss, Homeschool Mom – Arkansas

"Fitivities is the perfect way to enjoy exercising with your family. Our children constantly ask us to “Watch Me!” as they master a new exercise. Thanks, Fitivities for putting the fun back into being fit!"

- The West Family – Utah

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