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The All-in-One Solution for After School and PE Instructors That Makes Physical Activity Simple

Fun and Easy-to-Use

Engages Up to 100 Kids at One Time

Full Curriculum and Step-by-Step Lesson Plans


Are you tired of trying to find a physical activity resource that takes very little setup time and is easy to implement?   You're in the right place!

Do you need a versatile resource that can work in any size space for any size group of kids? 

Do you want to improve learning outcomes and help children develop into physically literate, responsible, and productive adults? 

Do you want  easy-to-use, multipurpose physical activity resources that saves you time and makes your life easier?

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What Makes Skillastics® Different?

We offer two varieties of on-site physical activity resources:

  1. A full physical activity curriculum made up of simple to use lesson plans that coincide with every Skillastics® Activity Kit Unit. Skillastics® Activity Kits are oversized mats where up to 100 students interact and move simultaneously through an innovative designed technique of play.  There are 13 different themes ranging from general fitness, sport skill development, SEL, and academic integration.
  2. Digital specialty programming, taught by national experts in a variety of different subject areas like martial arts, mindfulness, yoga, move n' groove, and much more.  These 30-day programs consist of 30-40-minute daily lessons and are self-run with unlimited access.  Our specialty programming can also be used for remote learning.

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Hi, I’m Mark Bayaua, I’m the director of Programming Innovation at THINK Together.  We’ve been using Skillastics for the last 2 years, with Digital Specialty Programs have been loved by our staff and students.  And we’re also starting to implement Skillastics Activity Kits, and we’re really hoping to bring this to our organization all across California.  Skillastics has delivered above and beyond support on multiple occasions.  They provide quality training and have been valuable thought partners in how we support our students.  I love how regularly Jess checks in with us.  She’s always anticipating our needs and offering us help in any way her team can provide it.  So, thank you Skillastics for partnering with us at THINK Together to provide quality physical activity programming and providing opportunities for students the past two years and many years to come.

Mark Bayaua

Director of Program Innovation, THINK Together

“The Digital Specialty Programs are loved by staff and students…we’re also starting to implement Skillastics® Activity Kits, with hopes of adding all across California…Skillastics® provides quality training and have been valuable thought partners on how we support our students.”

Award-winning recommended resource & partnership

Skillastics is aligned with a number of national guidelines, including National Physical Education Standards, HEPA Standards, SEL Competencies, California Expanded Learning Quality Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards (STEM Skillastics).

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Cultivate healthier, happier children with fun, easy-to-use resources that engage and transform attitudes about physical activity.

"We have implemented Skillastics® at all elementary expanded learning program sites within our district. Our students are having a blast and Skillastics® is changing their attitudes about physical activity! It is extremely easy for our staff to implement and ensure that we are meeting our goal of 30-45 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day!” 
Christina “Tina” Smith, District Coordinator, THRIVE Expanded Learning, Stanislaus USD

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in a non-competitive, all-inclusive, super fun environment.

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