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 Physical Activity Made Simple.

Transform attitudes about physical activity with Skillastics Activity Kits or Virtual Physical Activity for After School and Physical Education Programs

Fun and Easy-to-Use

Engages Up to 100 Kids at One Time

Lasting, Positive Impacts


Are you tired of trying to find a resource that takes very little setup time and is easy to implement? You're in the right place!

Do you need a versatile resource that can work in any size space for any size group of kids? 

Do you want to improve learning outcomes and help children develop into physically literate, responsible, and productive adults? 

Do you want an easy-to-use, multipurpose resources that saves you time and makes your life easier?

Discover the Skillastics® Resource that best fits your needs:


  • Aligns with the HEPA 2.0 Standards & SEL Core Competencies
  • Easy for Line Staff to implement
  • Includes simple, step-by-step lessons
  • Can be adjusted to fit any size group 

 Physical Education  Programs

  • Aligns with National Physical Education Standards
  • Academic integration including STEM & Nutrition
  • Sport Skill Development Options
  • Includes rubrics, assessments, and lesson plans

Make a lasting, positive impact while motivating any size group of kids to move and learn.

If you want a physical activity program that everyone loves, schedule a quick Zoom meeting and we’ll help you find the resource that best fits your needs.

What makes Skillastics® the #1 large group physical activity resource?

With the rise in technology and growing disinterest in physical activity, we know it’s a challenge to both organize and motivate all kids to move and learn.

That’s why we developed the innovative, multipurpose Skillastics® Activity Kit System — a specific technique of play executed on an oversized mat where up to 100 children can participate at one time. 

We have a Skillastics® Physical Activity Program to fit any need — not only do our Activity Kits include 13 different themes ranging from general fitness, sport-skill development, character development, and more, they also are enhanced by the valuable inclusion of nutrition and academic integration.

And to make it easy for you and/or your staff, all our Skillastics® Activity Kits include training and simple, step-by-step lesson plans that are easy to learn and even easier to implement.


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Jennifer Davis

Coordinator, Fairfax School District

“One of the exciting things we discovered about Skillastics is that it’s very easy to implement. Our kids are physical along with learning some academics at the same time, it’s also easy to manage and very engaging.”

Award-winning recommended resource & partnership

Skillastics is aligned with a number of national guidelines, including National Physical Education Standards, HEPA Standards, SEL Competencies, California Expanded Learning Quality Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards (STEM Skillastics).

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Easily enhance physical activity and accelerate learning in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Shop or Chat 

Shop or schedule a chat with us to talk about your needs and find the perfect resource for you.

Step 3: Transform Students

Cultivate healthier, happier children with fun, easy-to-use resources that engage and transform attitudes about physical activity.

"We have implemented Skillastics® at all elementary expanded learning program sites within our district. Our students are having a blast and Skillastics® is changing their attitudes about physical activity! It is extremely easy for our staff to implement and ensure that we are meeting our goal of 30-45 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day!” 
Christina “Tina” Smith, District Coordinator, THRIVE Expanded Learning, Stanislaus USD

Experience how easy it can be to encourage


in a non-competitive, all-inclusive, super fun environment.

7 Ways To Organize Large Groups of Kids GuideSkillastics

Get rid of frustration and confusion with this simple, straightforward FREE guide that will help you easily organize and safely engage large groups of children in no time flat.