Skillastics Physical Education After School Activities

Physical Activity Made Simple for After School and PE Programs

Skillastics® creates an environment for all children to have a positive experience with physical activity. Increasing student engagement & decreasing staff frustration.

The Skillastics ® Advantages

Skillastics User friendly icon

User Friendly

Step-by-Step Lessons
Extensive Online Resources
Full Year Curriculum Outline
Condensed Weekly Unit Lessons

Skillastics Variety of Options

Variety of Options

Sport-Skill Development
SEL & Character Integration
Nutrition & STEM Integration
Digital Specialty Programming

Skillastics Continuous Support

Continuous Support

Unlimited Access to Training Tutorials
Virtual Training
On-Site Professional Development Training

What We Offer?

Skillastics® Activity Kits

The foundation of the Skillastics® Physical Activity Program. Every activity kit includes an oversize mat and six identical miniature team mats, where up to 100 students interact and move simultaneously through an innovative designed technique of play. There are 14 different Skillastics® Activity Kits available, ranging from fitness, sport-skill development, SEL, martial arts and academic integration.

Digital Specialty Programming

Digital Specialty Programs are online courses taught by national experts in a variety of subject areas like martial arts, mindfulness, yoga, move n’ groove, jump rope, street racket, and much more. These 30-day programs consist of 30–40-minute daily lessons and are self-run with unlimited, year to year access. Just project the lesson on a wall, whiteboard, or screen, and let your students follow along.

Skillastics® Program Packages

Bundle, save, and experience the simplicity. Step-by-step lesson plans, multiple Skillastics Activity Kits, full year curriculum outline, extensive online resources, and all the variety that makes Skillastics® the #1 resource in Expanded Learning. Set your students and staff up for physical activity success with a Skillastics® Program Package that fits your needs and your budget.

Free Resources

Access FREE physical activity resources, designed to empower your staff instantly.  Discover physical activity best practices, fitness calendar, and essential tips for orchestrating successful lessons and activities for your students.

Why You Should Choose Skillastics

We are here to help you succeed.

Why You Should Choose Skillastics® for your Expanded Learning or PE Program

Elevate your physical activity/PE program with Skillastics®, designed to simplify implementation and maximize student engagement. With Skillastics® you’ll find the perfect fit, whether you operate your program indoors, outdoors, or with equipment constraints. Experience the difference with Skillastics®, where simplicity, variety, and continuous support unite for ultimate physical activity success.

Be a Part of the Skillastics® Physical Activity Movement

Over 10 Million Students Participating

Over 25,000 Programs Served Nationwide

Over 20 Years in Business

Real Customers. Real Success.

Hi, my name is Norma Gomez, I am the Expanded Learning Manager for Wonderful College Prep Academy, serving two sites in Delano and Lost Hill. We started Skillastics® this last school year and our kids just love it.  They are so much more engaged; our staff get involved and everyone’s just having a blast. I cannot wait to continue to implement this program for the upcoming school years. And I’ve had so much support from the Skillastics team.

Any questions or concerns I may have they quickly respond to me, and I really, really appreciate that. But I 100% recommend this program to anybody that is interested in expanding or just making their physical education much greater.
Thank you very much.

Norma Gomez,

Expanded Learning Manager, Wonderful College Prep Academy – Delano, CA

We started Skillastics® this last school year and our kids just love it. They are so much more engaged; our staff get involved and everyone’s just having a blast.

Hey, Skillastics. This is Trey and Paul, and we’re program directors here at the Great original YMCA. We run our Before and After School program. We want to tell you a little bit why we love Skillastics.

Yes, we absolutely love it. We get to promote it in our programs, and it has been so easy to just almost plug and play our programs, especially after Jess did a lot of work to make it specifically for our before and after school program. Speaking of Jess, Jess has been incredible. She is a fantastic communicator. She works really well with us. She answers all of our questions. She’s constantly asking us questions, seeing how it’s working in our programs. She’s come out and done some amazing trainings and she’s just been fantastic.

Yeah, fantastic. She’s great. I mean, from being available via email, phone calls, even Zoom and Skag calls. There’s not many people that I feel like you can reach out and be like, hey, we have questions. She’s like, let me answer them. From the trainings to a person, she’s just fantastic. Really, we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Clastic. We’re just so blessed to be able to use it and it’s just such a great positive time. Not only do our staff enjoy it, our kids are having a blast and it just makes our after-school program just so much better.

It does. It does. And speaking from personal experience in the trainings with Jess, I have ripped two different pairs of pants due to diving for scarves and just working my butt off. I leave sweating and it’s just an awesome time. So we appreciate it. See you guys. Have a great one.

Tre Sills

Director / Childcare & Camp – Greater Wichita YMCA


Paul Claassen

Program Director / – Greater Wichita YMCA

Skillastics® has been so easy, just “plug n’ play” into our programs. Especially after the on-site training that was customized to fit our needs.

Skillastics® is a steadfast programmatic partner to Think Together, with a range of solutions to bring high quality physical activity resources and curricula for our program. We have deployed both Skillastics Activity Kits and the Digital Specialty Programs in multiple sites across California. Skillastics is our preferred partner for enhanced physical activity programming.

Dianne Chavez

Think Together,
Senior Director of Program Innovations

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