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Terms and Conditions Skillastics® Grant


Skillastics® $10,000 Physical Activity Grant

  1. Individuals and their administration sign an agreement for grant recipient to attend the SHAPE America National Convention & Exposition, April 9-13, 2019 in Tampa, FL if awarded the grant.


  2. Create and submit a brief video in January 2019, to be used for promotional purposes leading up to the 2019 SHAPE America National Convention & Exposition, explaining:


    • Why he/she is excited to have the opportunity to attend the Convention and what he/she hopes to gain from the experience


    • Recipients must also acknowledge Skillastics® for their support and provision of the grant in the video.


  3. Agree to participate in a post-grant questionnaire in May 2019 explaining;


    • How Skillastics® has increased physical activity in their school by including pictures, videos, and/or a couple testimonials from students.


    • Provide a letter from their administration addressing the positive changes they observed as a result of receiving the grant.


    • What he/she learned at 2019 SHAPE America National Convention & Exposition


  4. Provide YouTube video and photos of students playing Skillastics®. Video release form will be provided.


  5. Provide receipts for the 2019 SHAPE America National Convention & Exposition Registration and Hotel Registration to be eligible to be reimbursed the $1,000 toward the trip.


  6. Receive Skillastics® customized products from Skillastics® Corporate Headquarters directly, and not Skillastics® Distributors or Affiliates.


  7. Enroll in Active Schools, if you are not currently