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Skillastics® series of physical education games for students and after school programs is the #1 large group resource that maximizes participation, increases physical activity, improves sport-skill development and enhances kinesthetic learning. Shop Now!

Student learn best when they combine mind and body. The Skillastics® method fully engages students in a unique and innovative way, helping break down mental barriers that limit learning. Skillastics® increases kinesthetic learning through positive social interaction, self-direction, and helps develop problem solving skills.

The large colorful mat design and oversize die naturally evoke student curiosity. With this heightened interest, students are more open to learning while participating in an activity that is non-threatening and FUN!

Skillastics® activity kits are the perfect combination of active and cooperative learning with the development of fitness and or sport skills as innovative physical education games for students. A groundbreaking twist on circuit training, Skillastics® series of Activity Kit Systems themes range from general fitness, to sport skill development character and academic integration.

How Does Celebrated Skillastics® Technique work at as Physical Education Games for Students?

• Lay the oversize mat in the middle of a playing area.
• Place the same colored die and beanbag marker on the “start spots” for each team.
• Divide a group of students into 6 teams, assigning each team a color.
• Distribute to each team a miniature mat that is identical to the oversize mat and a box of question cards (*The nutritional cards are sold separately. The STEM question cards are included with STEM Skillastics® and the Math question cards are included with Be Fit 2 Learn Skillastics® Math).
• The teams move to their team areas, surrounding the oversize mat, but as far away from the oversized mat as the playing area space allows.
• The teams lay their miniature mat in their team area and place the question cards in category piles next to their miniature mat.
• On the signal, one student from each team jogs to their assigned color die on the oversize mat, rolling their die and moving their beanbag marker the amount rolled.
• The student jogs back to his/her team and points out the activity on the miniature mat.
• The students do the activity TOGETHER one of three levels of repetitions included at the bottom of each activity, which is assigned by the instructor prior to play.
• When repetitions are completed, another student jogs to the oversize mat and repeats the process. Each team is working independently, but every team is actively engaged at one time.
If you choose to include the question cards:
• When repetitions are completed, the student that rolled the die, looks at the color BORDER around the activity they just completed.
• The student chooses the question card color that matches the color border around the activity and reads it to his/her team.
• After the team answers the questions, another student from the team repeats the process.

Physical Education Games for Students

What your students will be experiencing is pure fun. What you will be experiencing is the important underlining components that is the magic of the Skillastics® method. It’s ability to empower students with the knowledge, habits, skills and desires needed to live a lifelong healthy and active lifestyle.

We’ve done it all for you. Physical education games for students combined with academics that takes kinesthetic learning to a whole different level!