Skillastics® Activity Kit Package


Every Skillastics®® Activity Kit You Need Without the Add-On Sports Equipment.

  • Cooperative Activities for Every Occasion
  • Perfect Combination of Physical Activity, Nutrition, & Academics
  • Aligned with the National PE Standards


Why not get every Skillastics® Activity Kit and save! If you already have basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, tennis racquets and tennis balls, but would love the Skillastics® Activity Kits to reinforce these sport-specific skills, then this package is for you! Aligned with the National Physical Education Standards and HEPA AfterSchool Guidelines, you now have a plethora of collaborative learning resources that are developmentally appropriate for all ages.   Many customers feel that introducing new activities in a PE Curriculum or Kids Fitness Program is a breeze with Skillastics®. The children already know the technique of play, which makes instructional time much more efficient when transferring to new lessons. These team building activities help increase physical literacy all while having fun.

Bundling the Skillastics® Activity Kits is the perfect package that will effectively engage many children at one time while simultaneously increasing MVPA and learning outcomes.

Watch it in Action!

Great for:

  • Physical Education
  • After School and 21st Century Learning Programs
  • Expanded Learning Programs
  • Park and Recreation Programs
  • Camps


The Skillastics® Activity Kit Package Includes:

  • Basketball Skillastics®
  • Soccer Skillastics®
  • Volleyball Skillastics®
  • Tennis Skillastics®
  • Fitness Skillastics®
  • Speed Stacks Skillastics (not shown)
  • Fitness Xtreme Skillastics®
  • Character is Cool Skillastics®
  • Let’s Move in School Skillastics® (not shown)
  • STEM Skillastics® (not shown)
  • Halfpint Skillastics® (choice between English or English/Spanish version)
  • Full Curriculum with each Skillastics Activity Kit containing National PE Standards Alignment, Assessments, Rubrics, & Lesson Plans
  • Unlimited Use Basketball Virtual Program
  • Unlimited Use Physical Activity Program
  • Skillastics® Elementary Nutritional Cards
  • Skillastics® Poly Spots (3 sets)


  • PreK – 12th Grade

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