What is Skillastics?

Skillastics is an innovative technique of play that is executed on an oversize mat placed in the middle of a playing area where up to 100 children can play at one time.  The Skillastics innovative technique has been transformed into 13 different Activity Kit themes.  These Skillastics Activity Kit themes vary from general fitness, sport specific, character development, nutrition and academic integration.

Skillastics, a research and evidence-based resource, was introduced in 2002 and is currently enjoyed by over 10 million children in more than 25,000 educational settings nationwide.


What Makes Us Unique:

  1. Skillastics can get up to 100 children moving at one time.
  2. The innovative Skillastics technique allows 100% participation in limited amount of space.
  3. Skillastics makes physical activity fun for children of all ages and abilities.


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