I’m concerned that I will not use Skillastics enough to justify the cost. Are there multiple ways to use Skillastics throughout the year?

55% of Skillastics Customers use Skillastics at least once a month.

Here are some examples:

  1. Warm Up or cool down (as students come to class after dressing for class, they start playing, as more kids come they start a team or join another team until everyone is there. The students have gotten their warm up even before you’ve taken roll).
  2. Family Fitness Event
  3. Track Movement with Pedometers or Heart Rate Monitors
  4. Team Building
  5. Assessments
  6. The perfect Substitute Resource
  7. Task Cards are integrated in many other activities throughout the year (circuit training, integrating with sport skill development)
  8. For After School Program
  9. Lend STEM questions and or full game to Science or Math Teacher for Brain Break during the day
  10. Great Rainy Day activity
  11. Used as a resource for Administrative reviews
  12. Be used as “Competition Friday”
  13. Task Cards supplement learning and reinforcing fitness skills
  14. Promotes critical thinking
  15. Check out system for other schools or teachers
  16. Use the die for fitness and math integration games
  17. Incorporate them into warm-ups with dice and movement activities
  18. Lend task cards to classroom teachers for brain breaks
  19. Bean bags for station in skill assessment
  20. Use miniature mats as a small group station with dice
  21. Task cards and dice in relay activities
  22. Use the task cards as homework cards
  23. Use activities for Fitness Calendars

We also provide you with supplemental documents after purchase that includes lesson plans, competitive options, and task card options.

Please call us at (888) 842-7746 or email us if you have any questions!

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