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Join Us In 2022 Celebrating My Milestone Of 20 Years With Skillastics!

We have had an incredible journey the past 20 years and it has been a heart-warming experience to hear instructors saying Skillastics has transformed their students’ attitudes about physical activity. We have made it simple; we have made it fun, and we made students excited about moving again! But none of these amazing results would have been possible without YOU! I want to THANK YOU and honor you, because of YOU Skillastics will be here for years to come!

Join us for our Skillastics' 20th Anniversary Contest that begins on February 1, through December 31, 2022. During this time, I will be awarding five gifts every quarter to users of any Skillastics physical activity product that submits a video or a written testimonial. Entering is easy and so is spreading strong connections with teachers, staff, and students all while having fun with movement. Let us build character and inspire activity in children. . . one child at a time.

  Celebrate Skillastics 20th Anniversary!

We know we would not be here without YOU. That’s why this year – we celebrate you. Your stories, wins, challenges, and accomplishments in making physical activity fun and positive for kids.
Too many kids have negative experiences around PE or sports, and childhood obesity is real. However, working together with dedicated people like you we are able to positively impact kids lives by showing them how to get moving in a way that is fun, safe, and supportive.

To continue making an impact, this year we’ll be giving away 20 prizes including:

  • Skillastics Activity Kits (valued at: $249.95 - $299.95)
  • Specialty Programming (valued at: $500)
Here’s how to win:
  • If you are an existing user of Skillastics, share a success story you’ve had with Skillastics
  • If you would like to benefit from Skillastics, and do not have a Skillastics resource, explain how winning a Skillastics product can improve your existing program

Do this via a WRITTEN or VIDEO testimonial here.

Contest Entry Period

The Skillastics® 20th Anniversary Contest begins on February 1, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. PST and ends on December 31, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. PST 


Existing users of any Skillastics® physical activity products, or if you would like to benefit from any Skillastics® physical activity products...

How To Enter

To enter the contest,  submit WRITTEN or VIDEO testimonial If you are an existing user of Skillastics®.


“I am so excited to bring another fun and successful Skillastics® Activity Kit into my teaching repertoire. I’m choosing Volleyball Skillastics® to add to my collection.  I currently have the Basketball Skillastics® Activity Kit.  It’s fun, engaging, and allows the student to work at their own level without being self-conscious of their classmates.”

Cassi Harlow-Ayers

Woodland Joint USD

Plainfield Elementary, Woodland, CA

“Every child in our building will be able to experience the classic fun of Fitness Skillastics® We just know it will be the best teamwork / cooperative activity we’ve seen all year!  On behalf of all our Pfluger Falcons, many, many thanks for your gift.  It will allow us to create fun and memories that we will continue to duplicate for years to come.”

Edwina Soto / Wes Tate

Physical Education Instructors

Pfluger Elementary/Hays CISD 

Buda, TX

“I am super excited and happy to introduce Basketball Skillastics® into Grayhound Youth Sports.  It will make the drills and skills easier and a lot of fun.  It will also allow children to have a positive experience being physically active.”

 Nathaniel Smith
Grayhound Youth Sports
Northfork, WV

“Allamanda Elementary School is super excited to add Fitness Skillastics to our physical education program!  This resource will benefit our students by allowing them to learn and practice various exercises and motor skills.  It will be a fun tool for our students to use and in turn will increase their motivation and effort level!”

 Sean Glynn
Allamanda Elementary
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“I am so excited to use the Skillastics® Digital Specialty Program, Move N’ Groove, because we are a small, rural school with 80% free/reduced lunch population and our students have little opportunity.  This program will give them access to an activity that they otherwise would not have been exposed and I know they will be over the moon happy!”

SueElise Flowers
Director, 21st CCLC & Gifted & Talented Programs
Cumberland County Elementary
Burkesville, KY


Thank you so much! We truly appreciate this gift & are excited to lead our students to better futures through its use.

1 - We would love to add the "Mindful Heart" specialty program for our older students!

2 - The Mindful Heart Specialty Program will be a wonderful addition to our afterschool & summer programs for our migrant students! This aligns with our own SEL and growth mindset goals to engage students in activities that develop confident students ready to share their strengths with others.

Debbie Gries
IN Region 2 Migrant Education Program Coordinator
Southern Indiana Education Center

I so enjoy the Skillastics that our district purchased this summer for our summer school program. The third and fourth grade students begged to play it every day. The students learned more being active and there were less behaviors. I have been introducing other school staff to the program and they are loving it. I would love the half-pint program. Thank you for having such an awesome program. I learned about this program while attending a National Conference last year in Las Vegas.

Kathi Hall
Special Educator
Ronan School
District # 30

I am so excited to use Character is Cool Skillastics!
As my school's health and physical education teacher and anti-bullying specialist, I try to incorporate character education and social-emotional skills as much as possible throughout my lessons. I am confident that my students will have fun learning about and utilizing character traits through the variety of physical activities provided through Character is Cool Skillastics.

Debbie Lennox
Knowlton Township Elementary School
Delaware, NJ

The reason I picked the Character is Cool one is it allows students to find out who they are as a person, and I will be using it as a SEL moment in my gym. Using it as a SEL can help build a student’s character and their confidence in all the do. As an educator we are the steward and we give them the foundation which will help them become masters of their character for their future and who they will become.

Christopher Humphries

I am very excited to receive my Skillastics Activity kit to use with my students this school year and gamify content they need to know. My students have enjoyed previous Skillastics for grades 4th-6th and I am excited to expand my 7th-8th graders in learning while moving!

Shelby Lozano,
Bartlett Middle School in Porterville, California

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