7 Keys to Make Your After School Fitness Program A Success

By the time your kids get to their after-school fitness program, they’re exhausted. They’ve gotten up early, likely had two full meals, a full day of learning, and still have hours to go before they’re home for the evening routine, only to go to bed and restart the same cycle the next day. They’re beat. Your PE Teachers, who’ve likely taught several hours of regular school and are ready to go home themselves are seeking out the very last bit of energy for the after-school program because they’re passionate about kids. And parents? Parents want a safe, healthy, and engaging after-school program where kids can stay until the demands of their own workday are complete. 

Is there a way to counter exhausted kids, worn yet passionate teachers, and weary parents with a positive, engaging solution? 

There is!

Skillastics® is not just A solution, it’s THE solution. We’ve helped solve these exact dilemmas for twenty years. With two decades of experience, we know a thing or two about after-school fitness programs. In fact, we believe there are seven keys to making your after-school program a success.

1. Make it reproducible

Teacher overwhelm is at an all-time high. We know high turnover rates happen. With the unpredictability of Covid and the potential for remote learning, we also know you’ll occasionally need a substitute. You need a program that’s seamless and worry-free. After all, what good is a program if it’s too difficult to implement, or you have just a few people who can run it? Skillastics® fills the void with our easy-to-use manuals and curriculum, and lesson plans that anyone can use, regardless of experience. When you spend less time training staff to figure out the system, they can spend more time in the physical activity setting with the kids. 

2.  Make it easy to plug-and-play

Have you ever found a game idea that looked fun on Pinterest, but took forever to set up? Have a system that only one instructor knows how to use? Or spent so much time at the start of your after-school program preparing for that day’s lesson, that you never got to finish the actual activity? Skillastics® is plug-and-play at your fingertips! Our innovative Skillastics® activities can take less than a minute to set up, allowing more children to engage and participate, ensuring higher fitness levels, and less opportunity for kids to get distracted or lose interest. When you spend less time setting up and preparing for the activity, you have happier, more engaged kids, and staff who are less frustrated with their available resources.

3. Make it inclusive

Unstructured PE or physical activity doesn’t always have the best outcome. When programs are lacking a lesson plan or curriculum, kids can split into natural cliques or groups, leaving some kids feeling lonely. Kids who aren’t naturally gifted in a sport, or who didn’t grow up playing on a travel ball team can feel embarrassed by their lack of skill. Kids can also feel left out if games don’t have enough spaces for players, or if only a few children can play. This can lead to a desire to skip sports or physical activity altogether! 

Down the road, adults who didn’t enjoy PE as kids because they felt left out or incapable can undervalue physical activity. A 2015 study, “Effects of Early-Onset Voluntary Exercise on Adult Physical Activity and Associated Phenotypes in Mice," found access to regular exercise in younger years significantly increased voluntary exercise as adults. early-life access to regular exercise significantly increased adult voluntary exercise. 

So how does Skillastics® help? Our short set-up times can help kids engage as soon as they come in. Our innovative activity kits are executed on an oversize mat and allow up to 100 children to play at the same time. Our products involve kids who may not consider signing up for an organized sport, helping them feel a sense of accomplishment as they master skills in a relaxed atmosphere. 

skillastics physical activity

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4. Make it add value

Skillastics® is the best large group resource available. We aren’t just an equipment resource. We know the increased demands that are funneling down from the administration. Requirements to incorporate academic learning in physical activity, and add in vocabulary, literacy, and even Math and STEM. Skillastics® can help you seamlessly integrate academics by connecting with classroom teachers through our Skillastics® Custom Question Card Templates for nutrition, STEM and math. Our activity kits are so much fun for kids they won’t even realize they’re learning as they play! 

5. Make it fun

Let’s be honest - not every kid likes sports, and not every kid likes physical activity. That’s why our Skillastics® activity kids and programs offer a variety of games and activities that aren’t catered to one particular sport. Instead, the kids engage in skill mastery through play and games. With easy-to-lead activities, your staff is free to bring their own stress-free, fun, kid-at-heart personality as they encourage kids to support each other and cheer each other on in group activities. Their only competition is the kid they were yesterday! 

6. Make it creative

No matter the age, we’ve learned that environments where kids can be themselves are monumental for fostering creativity and problem-solving areas of the brain. We’ve also learned that we can creatively integrate learning with fun, and that there is more than one way to do a task–especially given our need for flexible remote or PE-from-home options!

virtual activity from home

Our activity kits are fun, colorful, engaging, and use different methods and resources to encourage kids to get and stay active.  

7. Keep it fresh

Ten years ago, virtual physical education may have sounded like something out of a futuristic movie. Now, we have to consider ways to engage in outdoor and indoor group activities, as well as socially distanced activities, and even activities that can be completed from home. Skillastics® offers virtual programs that provide students with an amazing variety of physical activity experiences. Each experience offers 30 days of content lasting 30-40 minutes a day and are taught by Nationally recognized teachers.

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to incorporate your tenth Skillastics® Activity Kit System, we have no doubt Skillastics® will exceed your expectations and check every box to help your after school program thrive. Our fresh, engaging curriculums are easy to use, easy to set up, and are inclusive for all kids at whatever level of physical activity they’re in. Visit www.skillastics.com to view all of our programs, activity kits, and systems today. 

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