5 Simple Solutions on Finding Funding for Skillastics

So, you’re loving Skillastics® but only have $200 in your annual budget to spend on Physical Education resources? Don’t give up easily! There are many ways to get the funding, and we’re here to help.
Below are some ideas on how you can find the funds to get the Skillastics® Activity Kit System into your program.

1) Go to www.donorschoose.org and explain on the site what you want and why you want it. (if you need any additional information or videos, we would be happy to provide it to you). 85% of submissions are funded!!! Please email us at info@skillastics.com for more information.

2) Visit your local Walmart or Lowe’s. Tell them that you are a teacher and you were wondering if they have any grants available for schools. Share the reasons why you are seeking funding and why. It’s usually a very simple application, and if a grant is available there is a good chance you will get funded.

3) Local Kiwanis or other service organizations in your area. Put on a short presentation about your program, sharing your goals and objectives for your students. There is a very high percentage that you will get funded. We would be happy to provide you with information and/or videos to help streamline this process for you. Email us at info@skillastics.com for more information.

4) PTA or PTO at your school. If you would like help with your PowerPoint presentation, please contact us at info@skillastics.com.

5) Explore other funding sources in your District or School. For example, if you are interested in purchasing STEM Skillastics®, reach out to your STEM Coordinator or Principal and explain to them that you are interested in incorporating STEM Learning into your PE program. I promise you they will be thrilled to hear this and will provide you with the funding if you have it.

With a little effort, you will have the Skillastics® Activity Kit System included in your program! Numerous Physical Education Specialists have shared with us that they wish they would have discovered all the local grant opportunities earlier in their career.

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