A Winning Defense

Defense wins games. Great teams play great defense — great overall players play great defense. If you play tough defense, it’s just another way to stand out on your team. Many times you will see a team with less talent win games because its defense causes turnovers, plays smart, forces you into taking poor percentage shots, and boxes out and rebounds well. Defense takes mental toughness, desire and spirit. It’s you against your opponent. The challenge is there. Make your opponents work for every possession and every point.
Body Positioning*
The better defensive position you are in, the better the results. Keep your center of gravity low. The lower you are to the ground, the quicker you will be. Even if your opponent fakes or changes direction, you can recover. You must condition yourself to stay low and balanced. Flex your knees as if you are sitting on a chair with your head over your knees for balance. Do not bend your back to achieve this position.
Points To Remember
1. Position yourself where you can see your opponent and the ball.
2. Overplay the baseline at all times to protect it.
3. Turn your opponent into the middle where you have help.
4. Position yourself so your body forces your opponent to go where you want her to go.
5. Turn slightly sideways to your opponent.
6. Never get your head and shoulders in front of your waist.
7. Your weight is on your rear foot because you must be ready to go back at all times.
8. Try to create mistakes rather than steal the ball.

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