What’s the Word, the “Magic Word”? Fun With Classroom Management!

One of my favorite things to implement in my elementary PE classes is the “Magic Word” of the day. Have you ever noticed when you ask your class to find a partner, form their group for your daily lesson or simply get their equipment out that you lose them before they have heard your entire directions for the activity?
Several years back I began implementing my “Magic Word” of the day! It allowed my students to really tune into the task at hand. I choose a healthy food from the MyPlate poster in the gym as my signal for “go”! I post it outside of the gym with a picture. One of the first things I ask my students when they enter is who knows the “Magic Word”? Then it begins! For example: When you hear the word “Banana” you may find a partner and begin your activity. Banana is the Magic Word!
Yes we want our students moving the majority of the time they are in our class, but there are those moments when we need to instruct. During those breaks is when I implement the Magic Word of the day. Teach the new skill, game or activity, then instead of on a go signal they had to be tuned into the magic word.
A bit of trickery is ALWAYS fun! Don’t always say the “Magic Word” immediately. Throw in some other words from the MyPlate to see who is really listening and ready to get started. Example: “When I say Banana you may begin….BEANS, no wait, OK BAGELS, shoot what was that word? Oh Yeah, BANANA” . Boom then they are off and moving and shaking! It’s a great way to get nutrition into the lesson as well as continuous evaluation of Following Directions. It’s a fun tool for the elementary classroom. Give it a try!

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