Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program

The reviews are in! Physical education teachers from across the country call SHAPE America’s new Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) website, “a great format, easy to use and perfect FAQs! As usual, you have a great pulse on what’s needed in the field!”
Interested in increasing physical activity before, during or after your school day? Then you must check out this new CSPAP website. CDC, in collaboration with SHAPE America, developed a step-by-step guide for schools and school districts to develop, implement and evaluate comprehensive school physical activity programs.

The goals of a CSPAP are:
• To provide a variety of school-based physical activities to enable all students to participate in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.
• To provide coordination among the CSPAP components to maximize understanding, application and practice of the knowledge and skills learned in physical education.
On the CSPAP website you will find an overview and guide for schools to follow of each of the CSPAP elements – physical education, staff involvement, family and community engagement, physical activity before and after school and physical activity during school. You will want to be sure to share this with your principal.
From how to I get started to professional development opportunities, you will find everything you need to know on this one site. Looking for physical activity calendars to give to your students? Then visit SHAPE America’s Teacher’s Toolbox for elementary and secondary physical activity calendars in English and Spanish.
At SHAPE America, we are looking for innovative ways schools are increasing physical activity levels for their students and staff. Please email pkun @shapeamerica.org with your favorite examples. We will be featuring those success stories throughout the year on social media in our efforts to showcase 50 Million Strong by 2029,” our national initiative to ensure that all of America’s students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy healthy, meaningful physical activity for a lifetime.

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