Everything I Learned I Learned in PE

Bernie Ponzio taught Elementary and Adapted Physical Education for 28 years and was a Physical Education, Adapted Physical Education, and Special Olympics Coordinator for 5 years. She was her districts Teacher of the Year in 1992 and was named the first Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year for the state of Texas in 1990.

Everything I Learned in Life I Learned in PE…is a poster that I had hanging in my gym. It was always discussed after class, especially when we had to wait for the classroom teacher to pick up his/her kids. The students could understand the sayings because they saw them in action in class, especially how to tolerate differences of others when there were special needs students in PE and we had to modify activities so everyone would be successful.   I’m sure you can relate to many, if not most of these!

Everything I Learned in Life I Learned in PE

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