Pep Talk!

I’m sure most of you have seen the “Pep Talk” video by Kid President. Even if you have I will encourage you to watch it again and really listen to what he has to say. The link for the video is:

These are some things I have picked up on this video and hope they give you that little boost you need to be ready for a great school year!
• “Boring is easy.” Make sure you take time to evaluate your lessons and if they aren’t new and exciting then change them!
• We’re all on the same team.” I hope that everyone you work with on a daily basis is at your school for the right reason……your students!
• “It’s time to do something awesome.” Make this year the best ever for you and your students.
• “We have work to do.” We know the problems and challenges but by continuing to do all we can to promote the importance of physical education and physical activity, we can “take the path to being awesome”!

And finally, when you end up on a rocky path once in a while, just say “Not cool, Robert Frost”, change your path and remember you were “made to be awesome”! You’ve just been “pep talked”!!!

Have a great year!

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