Moving Without The Basketball

Do you ever wonder why you don’t get the ball as much as you would like? If this is the case, maybe you have to consider if you are moving around enough and giving your teammates opportunities to get you the ball. To be a complete player, you must be able to move effectively without the ball to get open. This means you must see the floor, find the open spots, and be ready to receive the pass from your teammate.

If you are wondering, “How do I move without the ball,” I suggest you first study a player on TV and follow them the whole game. Study how they move once the ball is out of their hands.  Cutting and moving without the ball is an art. It takes precision, not just speed and quickness. You must set up your opponent with constant movement. If you stand in one place waiting for the ball, you aren’t likely to get it. The toughest player to guard is the one who’s constantly moving.

The best way to move without the ball is to set screens. A good screen will enable your teammate to get free for a potential scoring opportunity or when you roll to the basket, you’ll have the opportunity to receive the ball for your scoring opportunity.

Setting Screens*

  1. Jump stop, have a good wide base and place your arms against your chest.
  2. Make contact with your opponent. Don’t let the defense slide over you. Be big, balanced and square up to your opponent who is being screened. Catch the defender in the middle of your body.
  3. After you set a screen, continue to roll to the side the ball handler is traveling.
  4. Always have your hand up ready for the pass.
  5. Try to keep the defense on your back. Use your body to shield a defender.

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