What’s the Right Amount?

May was a very rainy month for us, actually a little too much rain if there can be such a thing! There were some good things that came with that rain (not having to water yards, nice green plants, farmers getting much needed moisture, etc.). There were some negatives as well (flooding, lots of places for mosquitoes to hatch, etc). Then June came and it turned hot and windy and we were wishing for some of the weather from May!
What’s the point of giving you a review of our weather??!! I started thinking about how excited we are after attending a workshop, reading an article, or spending time with like-minded colleagues. We tend to want to impart all of that information to those around us all at one time. However, for others that’s a little too much! Giving them that information in smaller doses, spread out over a long period of time tends to not only be better received but also more beneficial.
A perfect example is knowing that students need 60 minutes of physical activity each day. And, a great way to help them achieve that goal is by having classroom teachers implement regular activity/brain breaks. Some think if they send teachers a huge packet of ideas that they will automatically see how great it is and start to use those ideas. It’s probably a much better idea to send one or two ideas each week rather than flood them with tons of ideas once or twice a year. Some other strategies to help those teachers feel comfortable with the activity is to model it at a staff meeting, video tape some students doing the activity, teach it to your students ahead of time, or utilize older students as activity leaders.
By “sprinkling” teachers periodically with ideas rather than “soaking” them all at one time, you’ll find the right dose for success! Oh, and by the way, it’s raining again this morning so my yard is once again happy!

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