Perfect Your Move

Every basketball player has a dribble move he or she loves. It could be the crossover, the spin dribble, jab and go, between the legs, etc.. My favorite move is the crossover dribble from the right hand to the left, but instead of crossing in front of my body, I crossover between my legs and then drive to the basket, dribbling with my left hand to the basket. I love that move and seem to fake the defense out most of the time. Why do I like this move so much? Three reasons: 1) Initially it was easy for me to do, 2) I was successful at it and 3) Because I was successful at the move and enjoyed doing it, I practiced it more, so that I became even better at it. We all have our own individual strengths. It makes sense to capitalize on that strength, practicing it over and over again so that you become faster and stronger at your own move. This drill is designed to take your move and PERFECT IT

Start at the top of the key. Begin in the triple threat stance (the triple threat stance is defined as holding the basketball with both hands in a position which gives you the quickest opportunity to shoot, pass or dribble). Start dribbling, but protect the basketball like someone is defending you. The last move you make will be “your move”. Explode into “your move” and then shoot a jump shot. Repeat 15 times.

This drill is all about intensity and increasing confidence. Perfecting a move you’re already good at only brings you closer to reaching your full potential.

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