Even More Card Games

We’ll continue the “card game” with one more round of activities you can do with playing cards.  Hopefully those of you who attended the session in Seattle have had a chance to try out some of the activities we shared with your students and they are enjoying them.  Here are a couple more ideas you can add to your “card tricks” bag.  Have a fun, restful and relaxing summer vacation!!

Around the Corner

Place several decks of cards spread out in the center of the playing area. Students work in teams of two or three. One from group leaves the side line and picks up a card. The students identifies what Suit the card is (spade, club, diamond or heart) then moves to the appropriate cone or poster in the corners of the area.  Once at the appropriate corner the student chooses an exercise on the list provided, or an easier version, the student does the one exercise assigned for that corner. (I.E. Jumping Jacks).

Variation 1: The student can switch the exercise cards in that area after they finish the skill for the next person. Repetitions are found on the playing cards that they carry.  Students carry their cards back to their team area and add up team points at the end of the warm up. # Card value as is, Face card value= 15, Aces 20, Joker – perhaps jog a lap, or get a drink, or rest and walk back to team.

Variation2: Students drop the card in the corner and return to their partner or group to repeat the sequence.

Crazy Cards

Teacher or student will hold deck of cards. Students are in squad lines-groups.  First person in squad line comes to teacher to get card.  Then moves to 1 of 4 posters on cones, wall or projected, to determine which exercise their group will do.  Once exercise is determined, squad group completes the exercise together for the assigned number of reps on the playing card. Once repetitions are finished, next squad member goes to get card and exercise and return to group.  Exercise ideas can be grouped in Components of Fitness groups- I.E. upper body exercises, lower body, abdominal or core exercises, cardiovascular activities, and stretches.# cards are face value, Face cards = 10, Ace = 11, Joker = drink break or Rest.

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