Play Your Cards Right and Increase Physical Activity

Thanks to all who attended our “Play Your Cards Right and Increase Physical Activity” session in Seattle.  As promised here are three more activities you can do with playing cards.  For those that were not able to attend, think about all of the fun you can have with your students using just a deck (or two or three!) of playing cards.  Even though many have limited budgets, you can still provide fun and creative activities to keep your students active and fit.  Stay tuned next month for a few more ideas!  Until then, “Play Your Cards Right” and keep your students active!!

Card Run

Students walk and jog around the gym.  Each time they pass you, hand them a playing card.  After the students have 2-3 cards stop, have them add up the number of points they received.  Face cards are 10 points and Aces are 1 points.  Then based on their total, they do to the Fitness task card activity that represents that number (1-26) and complete it 10 times.  If they have more than 26 have them subtract 10 points to get their activity.  Collect the cards and repeat the activity.

It’s in the Cards

Students work with a group of 4-6 people.  Each group has a stack of playing cards.  They turn one card over and then do a fitness task card activity listed for that particular card.  Have the four suits assigned to one activity and they do the activity that number of times.  Encourage students to share the job of turning the cards.

Variation:  Use only cards with up to 9 and have students count by that number a total of 10 times (i.e. if it is a 4 of clubs and push up shoulder touches is assigned to clubs they do the push up shoulder touches counting by 4’s until they get to 40).

Cards are on the side of the playing area with Fitness task activity cards posted on the wall.  They come back to their group and lead the group in the activity.

Category Cards                                                                                                                                                     Students work in groups of 3, starting on the side line or outside of playing area. Spread the cards out in the center of playing area.  Students will be assigned a task, locomotor or sport skill (dribble a ball) as they move to the card area. Students pick up a card and carry to team area while doing skill. Keep cards at group area until activity is over. Options: Determine which cards they may chose-only Red cards, only even cards, a sequence of cards, add letters on the back of cards to spell classroom spelling list or Physical Education vocabulary.

About the Author

Sandy Slade is the CEO & Founder of Skillastics®, the #1 on-site and virtual physical activity resource for groups of children of all sizes.  The on-site programs are designed around Skillatsics Activity Kits.  These Activity kits include an innovative technique of play, executed on an oversize mat, where up to 100 children can play at one time.

The virtual programs provide students with an amazing variety of physical activity experiences that consist of 30 days of content lasting 30-40 minutes a day taught by national experts.

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