Observations about the Game of Basketball

In the mid-90’s I wrote a pocket book called; Off the Rim: Thoughts and Observations of the Game.  I initially wrote it for kids who attended my clinics.  I wanted to leave them with something they could refer back to long after the clinic was over.  The few suggestions I wrote down quickly turned into dozens, and I thought instead of just sharing these observations with a few, why not share it with all who would be interested.  While creating the book, I met a special young lady that shared with me a poem that she had written.  I’d like to share it with you;

Basketball and Life

Sometimes in life you will need to take a timeout.Shooting is trying to succeed with your hopes, dreams, and wishes.  A foul is when somebody takes advantage of you and pulls you down.  But a free throw is taking advantage of an easy opportunity.  A pass is giving someone else a chance.  The last second shot is risking everything you have made for yourself.  As you get older and wiser you enter into overtime.  Who wins shows that they have given it their all and succeeded.  The handshake at the end shows the “REAL” winner and loser.

Brandy Noice, 1-15-95, 8th Grade


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