New Year, New Habit

Everyone loves to shoot!  Let’s face it, practicing ball handling and dribbling fundamentals can sometimes get boring!  But in order to become a great basketball player, you must practice ALL aspects of the game.  With the New Year, I challenge you to establish a ball handling and dribbling ritual.  Every time you step on a court and before you take your first shot, warm up by spending five minutes doing ball handling and dribbling drills.  Here are some ideas;

  • Design your own custom workout.  Add drills that you are not proficient at.  Challenge yourself.
  • Once you increase your ability and speed, change the drills.  Keep it fresh and new.
  • Resist the temptation to shoot right away.

By establishing this ritual you will begin to see a marked improvement in your dribbling.

This is also a great way for instructors to begin class during the basketball unit.  Establish a rule – no one can shoot a basketball until they are done with their ball handling and dribbling ritual.

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