The BEST Kept Skillastics Secret!

BFit4 Winter Skillastics is yet another way to get kids excited about winter activities. As is all of Skillastics game kits, BFit4 Winter gives the opportunity for students to be active 90% of the time. It is a nice variation of the Fitness Skillastics game kits as it targets specific movements that one needs to participate in various winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and skating to name a few. Students also, with your guidance begin to imagine themselves in the role while they are downhill skiing as they perform lateral jumps (part of the game), or pretend balancing on a snowboard or holding plank position on their sled as they race down the hill. Balance activities and plank holds are also skill sets of the game. The skills will enhance many components of the physically fit student by building strength, flexibility, endurance and balance needed for their winter activities.

It can be played with a fun twist to the traditional game as well by adding a lap of popular winter activities around your gym in between rolls of the die.  For example, students might simulate snow shoeing or ice skating (shoe boxes), as well as cross country skiing (old rags), or sledding and the luge run (scooters).

B Fit 4 Winter is a fun, easy, active and an innovative way to bring the outdoor world of  winter activities into your existing physical education programs.

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