New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when many people at least think about making some changes in their lives.  That’s good news if you make a resolution and even better if you keep it!  But, I just heard a message that only about half of the people in the world actually make a resolution and the average length for keeping it is 8 days.  That’s not very encouraging but I’m still going to offer some easy ideas for you to consider as your “Professional” 2015 Resolution!  Choose one and once you complete it, add another one to your list!

  1.  Invite an administrator, school board member and parent to visit your class sometime before school is out.
  2. If you haven’t registered your school to participate in “Let’s Move! Active Schools”, go to the web site and get signed up!
  3. Participate in some type of professional development training (workshops, webinar, convention, etc.) during the next year and then apply some of the new ideas into your teaching plans.
  4. Share one of your favorite activities with other professionals (email the idea to others in your school district, write an article for your state association, submit a proposal to present at a convention, etc.).  Make sure you include how the activity addresses one of the National Physical Education Standards!
  5. Encourage those you work with to be more physically active by inviting them to participate with you in a fun activity.

See, those aren’t that hard and I’m sure if you make it a priority that you can meet one of these “Professional New Year’s Resolutions”!

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