What Basketball Taught Me

Here are just a few examples of what basketball taught me besides winning and losing.

There were ten seconds left in the game.  My team was down by 1 point.  Time out was called.  The coached designed a play where I would take the last shot.   We were back on the court.  I heard the countdown, ” 10, 9, 8…”  It felt like the game was being played in slow motion. The pass was thrown to me, and I turned and shot the ball.  Nothing but net and we won the game!  So what did this teach me?  Teamwork.  There were 4 unselfish players who complied to the coaches play call in order for me to make the winning shot.

I was having one of my best years playing basketball.  This particular game, our team was ahead at halftime.   At the start of the second half, my teammate throws me the ball for an easy fast break layup.  There was only one defender to out maneuver.  All I had to do was put a spin move on the defender and score.  Simple.  Right? Except,  I did not plan on stepping on the defenders foot.   I severely sprained my ankle and was out for the season.  It happen all so fast. So what did this teach me?  Adversity.  I learned not to feel sorry for myself and to work hard at getting healthy.

There is no doubt, that in addition to attending classes and studying, college social life can be fun.    On one particular weekend, some of my teammates pushed the envelope by having fun that went beyond our team policy.  Let’s just say they had too much fun.  They figured our coach would never find out. Well, he did find out and we had a grueling and punishing practice Monday that I will never forget.  Even though the entire team did not participate in the fun, we all paid the penalty. What did this teach me?  Responsibility.  One weak link can destroy the strength of a team, and the whole team suffers.  Everyone has a responsibility to give their best effort.

These three examples still apply to life and can be experienced in other activities such as band, choir, art, clubs and organizations in which individuals come together as a collective group to achieve a goal and an optimal level.

As an instructor share appropriate sport, school, or classroom related stories that are applicable to your students’ age groups. As an instructor, sharing a personal moment with them is priceless.

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