Why Do Our Students Love Skillastics?

If you would ask Lydia, she would tell you that Fitness Skillastics is her favorite because of all the different fun choices on the mat. Fitness Skillastics features 26 fitness exercises, all approved by leading fitness experts, covering 4 of the fitness components – flexibility, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance.

If you asked Ben which one was his favorite, he would respond with BFit4 Winter Skillastics, because he loves to ski and snowboard in the winter. BFit4 Winter Skillastics was created for children to have fun preparing for winter activities! Endorsed by Winter Feels Good, an initiative of SnowSport Industries America, BFit4 Winter Skillastics features 26 fitness activities specifically designed to help children get in shape for snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Finally, if you asked Jose, he would tell that Fitness Xtreme Skillastics is the best, because he loves the challenge of high intensity activities. Fitness Xtreme Skillastics steps up the intensity from Fitness Skillastics and was designed specifically for Middle and High school students. Approved as a teaching tool to get students ready for FITNESSGRAM® testing, Fitness Xtreme Skillastics makes fitness fun!

I love Skillastics for these 3 reasons:

  1. Aligns with State and National Physical Education Standards
  2. All students have the opportunity to be active at the same time
  3. It’s fun for all ages!

Written by

Joe McCarthy

Shape America Leadership Council

2012 MN SHAPE Elementary TOY

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