Just for Fun!

This time of year is an exciting time for everyone but it can also be a challenge to reign in the excitement level of students.  I saved some of the “just for fun” activities for this time of year and found it made my life easier and the students responded well.  They knew if they couldn’t stay in control we couldn’t do these types of activities.  Here are a couple of scooter activities we did with a little “Skillastics” twist added!

Santa’s Sleigh:  Place 4-6 scooters under a folded gymnastics mat.  Students work in groups of 4 taking turns being Santa (two ride on the sleigh) and reindeer (two push the sleigh with one hand one the back and one on the side of the mat to control where it goes).  You can either let them ride safely anywhere in the gym trading places on your signal, or have them ride to the end of the gym, get off and trade places and ride back to the other end.

Skillastics addition:  If they are riding to the end of the gym and trading places, before they return have the “team” perform one of the designated activities the specified number of reps before they return.  You can have the task cards on cones at the end of the gym or give them 3-4 choices before starting the activity.  If they are riding around the gym, each time you stop and have them trade places, call out a Skillastics activity and number of reps that they need to do before resuming riding the sleigh.

Our students absolutely loved this activity and it was fun to invite their teachers to join them at the end of class.  They had fun pushing their teachers on the sleigh!

Scrooge Scooter Tag:  Place scooters along the sideline of your gym and have 4-6 (number depends on the size of your class) more scooters in the middle of the gym.  Students sit behind the scooters on the sideline with a partner or groups of three depending on how many scooters you have (“Santas”).  Choose 2-3 groups (4-6 students) to come to the middle to be the taggers (“Scrooges”).  The Scrooges need to wear something (vest, hat, etc.) to let the others know who the taggers are each round.  Students/Santas take turns trying to get to the “North Pole” (the other side of the gym) to collect an imaginary toy (or you can have beanbags that they pick up and take back) and return safely to their “home” without being tagged by Scrooge.  If tagged by  the student must pick up the scooter, carry it back to their partner/group and go to the designated exercise area and perform one of the selected Skillastics activities the required number of reps.  They return to their scooter and the next “Santa” tries to get a toy back home safely.  Stop periodically and have all students do a Skillastics activity and select new “Scrooges”.  You can also designate a specific way everyone has to ride the scooter each round (i.e. sitting, on stomach, on knees, going backwards, etc.).

This was another fun activity that students were always excited about and were willing to stay in control in order to participate the entire class period.  My thinking was “if you can’t beat them, join them”!  So saving some fun scooter activities for the week before Winter Break not only was exciting for the students and a fun way to send them off for vacation, it helped us survive the week as well!

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