Winning is Fun!

Everyone loves to win; it’s certainly a lot more fun than losing!  I know that’s not a profound statement but with the Kansas City Royals advancing in the playoffs it made me think about how fun it’s been to be a Royals fan this year.  When your team hasn’t been in the postseason for 29 years it’s really fun when they finally make it!

I realize there probably aren’t a lot of you who are Royals fans, but I am certain that you can relate to the excitement of having your team do well.  I hope you take advantage of events that take place in the sporting world and talk to your students about them.  I know some of the stories that are in the news about athletes are negative but there are a lot of good examples of what we want our students to learn if we look for them.

When I was teaching I often used quotes from an athlete (SI for Kids magazine was a great resource!) to make a point with my students.  I took about 2 minutes of class to tell the students about the athlete, shared their quote and then tied it into something that they could relate to.  I would then put the quote and if possible a picture of the player on a hall bulletin board for a couple of weeks.  Some of the quotes were about good sportsmanship, some about eating right, others related to working hard and being a good teammate.  It was a fun way to teach students through professional athlete examples and is something I would encourage you to consider.

For now, I’ll continue to enjoy the Royals successful season and hope all of you find current events to share important lessons with your students!

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